Perth to Margaret River Day 1

We arrived in Perth at 12:30 am so we decided to stay in a hotel overnight before we drive to Margaret River. We stayed in Comfort Hotel Perth City‘s family room for A$180 including free airport transfer. That’s Rochelle’s son, P in the picture.

It had a slight motel smell but it was very clean and the beds were comfy. The location was on Hay St. so it’s very convenient to the Perth Mint and several restaurants.

We rented a mid size Toyota Camry with a GPS that proved invaluable during the whole trip. That’s our fabulous driver Christina, Rochelle’s sister. Other than getting confused with the wiper, turn signal and mind boggling roundabouts she was a great driver.

Our beloved GPS which we named Margie.

A word about roundabouts. When we encountered our first roundabout and Margie, the GPS, yelled “take 2nd exit at the roundabout”. We didn’t know which was the 2nd exit! Naturally we tried each and every exit until Margie said we were on the right direction. We wasted a lot of time with these roundabouts. We later understood what Margie meant and Chris became a roundabout expert. The extreme left is considered the 1st exit and you count clockwise. Driving from Perth to MR (Margaret River) normally takes 4 hours. But with our roundabout errors, shopping detours it took us about 6 hours.

a typical roundabout

We stopped in the town of Madura for a quick lunch and some shopping at Coles supermarket for some neccessities. Since we’ve passed a lot of Red Rooster we decided to give it a try.

They specialize in roast chicken.

The four of us shared a rippa chicken sub with chili & garlic aoli.
The sub contained a breaded chicken fillet, some lettuce and the chili & garlic aoli. The sandwich was your average fastfood sandwich which was saved by the yummy sauce.
We then went next door to the mall that had Coles supermarket. We stopped at this bakery to buy scones for our breakfast the next morning.

bff Rochelle and her sister Chris

We liked the packaging of the Bundaberg sarsaparilla so we got 1 bottle to try.

I was so happy when my 2 skinny friends told me we need to buy potato chips. I almost fainted with joy. Red Rock Deli potato chips are now my favorite chips in the world. It surpassed Kettle chips and Oishi in my book. We specially loved the sea salt & rosemary chips cooked in olive oil. It was thick, crunchy, no strong olive oil taste, not greasy and spiced just right.

Red Rock Deli potato chips in sea salt & rosemary flavor

What I like about Aussie chips are their unusual flavors which hit the spot. They even had honey soy chicken and Moroccan chicken but we passed on those.

lime and black pepper potato chips

sweet chili and sour cream potato chips
I was amazed when Chris showed me this giant roll of fresh dog food. They do love their pets in Australia. I wish they had this in Manila.

Next 4 pictures are more varieties of fresh dog food.

Chris’ eagle eye spotted a sign on the road for The Old Cheddar Cheese company. We took a detour and was in luck that the store was still open.

We bought a few varieties but the vintage cheddar was the best.

Tomorrow’s post will continue with day 1. I will show you the apartment we rented in MR and our first dinner.

Comfort Hotel Perth City
200-202 Hay Street,
telephone: (08) 9220 7000

The Old Cheddar Cheese Company
31 Glendon Rd, Ludlow, WA 6280
telephone: (08) 97532424

3 thoughts on “Perth to Margaret River Day 1

  1. Pero “first love” mo pa rin si Svetlana when it comes to GPS, right?… or Chee calls her “SLUTvana”.  How were the scones?  Looking forward to more.  Sana naman you get to the Singapore part before I get to Singapore!  We leave June 13.


  2. this is inspiring. I want to go in all places you’ve included here. and oh, all those sandwiches i want to try! btw, did you check in the nearest hotel in Perth Airport?


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