Perth Day 8 – Part 2 Cuddly Farm, McDonalds, Dinner from Coles

P is one lucky kid. He loves animals and there are so many animal farms in Western Australia. We weren’t even looking for one more but stumbled into the last farm this trip, the Cuddly Animal Farm. I pretended to complain but somehow I always end up enjoying these animals.

Below are just some kinds of fowl on the farm. This was the first time I saw a turkey up close.

love Chris’ shots

free tractor ride

charlie and his angels?

free pony ride

look at the goats

“let me up there”

“I’m up!”

“I’m the king of the world”

“my turn”

cute chickens



Chris catching the duck
(click to enlarge)

Chris and P wanted to try Mcdonald’s in Australia. They had several cakes on display. Too bad none looked good.

Chris tried a chicken tandoori wrap. She said it was yucky.

P had a double quarter pounder. Out of curiousity we tried it. Wow it was good! It was nothing like the ones in Manila, Hong Kong or the USA. It was so juicy and tasty. We ended up buying one more.
We went to Coles supermarket to buy food for dinner at the apartment. These are the things we bought. Most were semi-prepared food that we just had to pop in the oven. We bought roast beef, 2 racks of lamb, a pack of burgers, salad greens, pasta and sauce, soup, mushrooms, sausages, onions and bread. Everything cost around A$100 and provided us with 3 meals. It was really more economical than eating out.

roast beef in wine & pepper A$13.23

pasta sauce

fresh tortellini w/ cheese & spinach

spring lamb soup

lamb sausages
I crumbled some lamb sausages and added it to the pasta sauce. We baked the beef in the oven. I forgot to take a picture of the finished product. Everything turned out good. We had the leftovers for breakfast the next day.

Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm
Jonlin Park, 128 John Street,
Henley Brook, WA 6055
telephone: +61 424209730

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