Perth Day 8 – Part 1 Swan Valley

The Swan Valley is Western Australia’s oldest wine region. It’s just 25 minutes from the city. SwanValley is a one stop area for wine, food, art, scenery and nature. A major attraction is the Swan Valley Food and Wine Trail – a 32 kilometre loop taking in more than 150 attractions including wineries, lively breweries, fine restaurants, bustling cafes, distilleries, shops, accommodation and roadside stalls selling fresh local produce.

What we didn’t know was during the low season in May most of these 150 attractions were opened only on weekends. Only a few were opened certain days of the week. We were armed with a tourist map from the visitor’s center that had the opening hours of all these attractions. It limited the places where we can eat. That’s why we ended up at Waldecks for breakfast.

Waldecks is a big gardening shop that happened to have a small coffee shop inside.

lumberjack cake A$6.50
apple, date and coconut cake

The bagel that’s not really a bagel. It was just ordinary bread shaped to look like a bagel. In a way I was glad it was fake since it was light and thin and not as filling had it been a real bagel.

bagel sandwich w/ bacon, egg & cheese

Mondo Nougat is one of the more popular places to visit in Swan Valley. They sell several kinds of nougat in different kids of packaging. From bite size pieces to small bars to humongous bars.
They also have a dessert chiller with some interesting sweets. We bought one each of the desserts below to eat back at the apartment.

fig & walnut tart A$4.50

tartina pistachio A$5.50

rum baba A$4.50

Since Warren hasn’t been to any winery we went to Jarrah Ridge Wines for some tasting. We didn’t buy any wine but ended up buying marinated olives, parmesan & garlic cheese and Cocoa Farm chocolates.

We went to The Margaret River Chocolate Company again. I like the Swan valley branch better than the one at MR because this branch had a small cafe and more chocolate tastings.

how to taste chocolate

samples of rocky road chocolates

menu (click to enlarge)

Lancaster wines was our next stop. They had wine and cheese samples.

tasting shed

We really liked the 2009 late picked Chenin Blanc dessert wine. It was lightly sweet and fruity. Warren bought 6 bottles.

The Valley’s Secret Garden Café (Waldecks)
506 Great Northern Highway
Middle Swan WA 6230
telephone: +61 8 9274 2339

Mondo Nougat
640 Great Northern Highway
Perth WA 6056
telephone: +61 8 9296 0111

The Margaret River Chocolate Company
5123 West Swan Road
West Swan WA 6055
telephone: +61 8 9250 1588

Jarrah Ridge Wines
651 Great Northern Hwy, Swan Valley,
Herne Hill, WA 6056
telephone: +61 8 9296 6337

Lancaster Wines
5228 West Swan Road
West Swan WA 6055
telephone: +61 8 9250 6461

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