Singapore Day 12 – Breakfast Buffet at Cafebiz+ Traders Hotel

photo from traders website

The breakfast buffet at Cafebiz costs S$34.70. Good thing breakfast came with the room. I’m not a heavy breakfast eater but with the abundant choices offered it was hard to resist. They had choices for every nationality and .

photo from traders website

fresh and canned fruit

assorted cold cuts

Japanese station

congee and lots of toppings

spring rolls and hash brown potatoes

hot dishes station

cereal station

bread station

omelettes made to order

egg station

noodle and Indian food station

This is what I ended up with. Below the sausages were crispy silver bait which I love to put on my congee. They add saltiness and crunch to an otherwise bland congee. Their Chinese doughnut or yiu tiaw was the crispest and yummiest I’ve ever eaten. The next day it was soggy and chewy.

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