Dinner at Cantinetta

pizza margherita
Cantinetta has been around for quite a while in Makati. I only got the chance to try it last September when we went to their Podium branch to celebrate my birthday.


There were very few people that night.

We were off to a good start. The complimentary bread was warm and crisp and the liver pate was yummy.

The asparagus soup was light yet creamy and had a very strong flavor.
cream of asparagus soup
asparagus soup P270

The picture doesn’t do justice to the dish. It was the best dish we had that night. The mushroom ravioli was al dente and there was a generous amount of mushrooms. The touch of truffle oil finished the pasta with a wonderful aroma. It was expensive but definitely worth it.
mushroom ravioli
ravioli al funghi porcini P480

The vongole or pasta with clam sauce was very bland and disappointing. There wasn’t much clams nor sauce. I couldn’t help compare it with Amici’s version which I loved and was cheaper too.
vongole pasta
vongole pasta P380

I wanted a simple pasta so I ordered one of my favorites, pasta with garlic, oil and red pepper flakes. The waiter offered to add sausages for free so why not? Not even the sausages could save this flat dish. Again I compare it to Amici’s aglio olio which I always order when I eat there. In Amici the pasta is robust, spicy and delicious.
aglio olio pasta w/ sausage
aglio olio e pepperoncino P320

The fish was a bit firm but the flavors were pretty good. The fish baked in foil at Bellini’s is much more superior.
lapu lapu al cartocio
lapu-lapu al cartoccio P800

I’m sorry to say the pizza wasn’t to my liking. The crust was too thick and not crunchy at all.
pizza margherita

It didn’t turn out to be a very happy birthday celebration. If you want good affordable Italian food you’re better off at Amici. For a more expensive and even better Italian fare go to La Nuova Pasteleria in Makati.

Ground Floor, The Podium, ADB Avenue Pasig City 
telephone: 477-2522

2 thoughts on “Dinner at Cantinetta

  1. Unfortunately, I had this same experience at cantinetta podium. They really are nowhere near as good compared to the makati branch. Avoid this place, head to the makati one or another resto nearby. For the price, you’ll be disappointed.


  2. We have cantinetta here at Baguio John Hay. 3 years ago I tried to order the cheapest pasta and as far as I can remember I didn’t like it. I find their list at Menu quite expensive. I wonder why few go there and eat.Tessa Chillcee Foodie Blog Please feel free to check my blog too. Thanks 🙂


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