Sunday Lunch at The Century Seafood Restaurant

We liked the food the last time we ate at Century so we returned for Sunday lunch.

har gau or shrimp dumplings

chicken feet


All the dimsum were good but the fried shrimp and mango roll was outstanding. It was different from the usual dimsum fare.

fried shrimp & mango roll

We liked the Wagyu steak cooked the Chinese way. The steak was cut into cubes and stir fried with onions and green peppers. The steak had more flavor and remained very tender. Eating it this way is also good for portion control.

wagyu beef cubes w/ veggies

Century has a secret technique on preparing canned abalone. You won’t find abalone as soft as this anywhere. The abalone literally melts in your mouth. Sauteed lettuce is under the mound of sliced abalone.

braised abalone

sauteed pechay

This is our current favorite fried rice. It’s filled with dried scallops, dried shrimp and sliced asaparagus. It was really full flavored and not oily. You have to try this. It was so good we ended up ordering more for take home.

century fried rice

You can’t tell from the picture but this is ube mochi. The outer layer underneath the coconut is color purple and it has a slight ube (purple yam) flavor. And inside it is a peanut filling. It sounds like a strange combination but it was good.

ube mochi

The Century Seafood Restaurant
Ground Floor Century Park Hotel

Pablo Ocampo St. corner M. Adriatico St.
Malate, Manila
telephone: 524-1821 to 27

3 thoughts on “Sunday Lunch at The Century Seafood Restaurant

  1. Thanks for the recipe!!! Love it. Fresh or frozen local abalone is cheaper but will never give the same taste, flavor and texture as canned abalone ( I love the flavor and taste of canned abalone and one day I want to eat abalone like ‘abalone kings’ do: braised in sauce and served whole, like a steak, washed down with a good white wine. Cut with a knife and fork of course. Meantime, it’s still cheaper to slice abalone thinly and share with the family. I love this dish. It’s such a special treat


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