Dinner at Yedang Korean BBQ Restaurant

I recently had a mini reunion with some HS classmates. We decided to have dinner at Yedang Korean BBQ restaurant which my friend Len Len highly recommended. Another friend Tisay also said it was good.

This is what Yedang looks like from the fly-over. It’s where Minggoy’s and Brother’s Burger used to be. It’s near Metrowalk on Meralco Avenue.

Sorry for the blurred pictures. I have to learn to be still. I was probably shaking with excitement for the meal to come.

An indication of whether a foreign restaurant is good is if their local countrymen patronize it. The place was filled with Koreans. The restaurant is also owned and operated by Koreans. So it must be good and authentic.

Each table had its own grill cooktop and exhaust which can be pulled down for maximum suction of the smoke. We just loved this exhaust. We didn’t leave smelling of barbecue.

After ordering, someone places a container of hot charcoal in the grill’s belly. No electric grill here. That’s what makes the food taste more earthy and smokey.
An assortment of cold appetizers are brought out. I loved the sweet dried anchovies, fish cakes and sweet peanuts.

We also ordered some dishes that don’t need to be grilled. Everything was good and reasonably priced. Next time I want to try the Pajon seafood pancake and mushroom w/ beef in casserole.

kimchi pot stew w/ rice P200

spicy pan fried squid w/ vegetables P300

beef short ribs soup [sic] w/ rice P200

noodles with chop suey (Japchae) P300

Now to the main event -the barbecued meats. I prefer the marinated meats better. The Kalbi beef ribs and dak-Kui chicken were spectacular. I didn’t care so much for the roast pork belly which didn’t have any taste until you dipped it in one of the 3 sauces provided. The beef ribs and chicken didn’t need any sauce at all.
Someone is assigned to cook your food and serve it to you. So all you have to do is concentrate on stuffing all the delicious food in your mouth.

roast pork belly (Samgyupsal) P240

grill chicken (dak-Kui) P250

grill sweet beef ribs (Kalbi) P300

The beef short ribs were sliced thinly around the bone. After the beef was placed on the grill the cook unrolled the beef. When it was done she cut the beef into small pieces and placed them on a small plate. She continued to cook the bone until done. There was precious meat still left on the bone which I gladly liberated.
The cook said these were mint leaves. I’ve never seen such big mint leaves before. According to Len Len these are shisho leaves which are a member of the mint family. They are also known as purple mint or Japanese basil. The Koreans call it deulkkae or tŭlkkae.

shiso leaf
You take a mint leaf and top it with some meat, rice and sauce then roll it and eat. The leaf brought an unusual and fantastic flavor to the meat. It’s not really minty but more like Thai basil with a hint of mint. Whatever the leaf was I loved it! It’s the best way to eat the Kalbi.
The plastic bottle on the table below contained pandan water. It had a natural sweetness to the the water. It was very refreshing. Whenever I took a sip I imagined I was eating buko pandan salad.

Every inch of the table was filled with food and we finished it all. The price was very reasonable considering we ordered 2 of each dish. Our total bill was P500 per head and that included softdrinks and beer. I’m definitely going back. So classmates, anyone up for part 2? Roll call in the comments section 🙂

Yedang Menu
grill meats 1, 2, meat dishes, soups & stews 1, 2, drinks

Yedang Korean BBQ Restaurant
88 Meralco Ave., Pasig City
telephone: 636-1461

11 thoughts on “Dinner at Yedang Korean BBQ Restaurant

  1. your review was right on the money ! we just ate yesterday and the price was really reasonable … around 500php including drinks ! and we’re stuffed !!! love their dolsot bibimbap as well ! 🙂


  2. Hi Leslie, thanks for your very comprehensive review! I love the pictures and also the menu pics you included. I have been to Korean restaurants from Korea, NY, the Netherlands, Manila and Baguio and I have to say that I was quite disappointed with the latter 3. Being born Korean, but not being able to hold a decent conversation in Korean 😉 , I always try to find a good Korean restaurant whenever I am abroad. I will for sure try Ye Dang. Thanks again for the great review!


  3. Your welcome! There are a lot of Korean restaurants in Manila and I’ve tried a few and Yedang is my favorite so far.


  4. Oh Hey, I must correct you, the water inside the bottle wasn’t Pandan flavored. It was the water cup that added flavor. I think they sort of wiped something on those and stuff so that when you add water, it’d taste like so


  5. Oh and another thing, you don’t really add rice inside the wraps plus, you’re actually provided with garlic which you must dip in the red sauce and stuff and add it in the wrap. You’re just gonna eat rice right after putting the wrap in your mouth 🙂


  6. hi. i was there last night. the food was really great as stated but one major foul thing is the owner/manager is quite rude!she came to tell us that we should order more cos each person should order or otherwise leave. accdg to the employees, she is really rude to Pinoys. I really should have left if it wasnt my friend’s birthday dinner. tsk tsk. Employees there dont receive minimum pay, SSS or Philhealth as required by law. Poor Pinoys.


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