Lunch at People’s Palace

People's Palace-8

We had an impromptu lunch at People’s Palace today. Thanks to Pat’s carpenter who didn’t arrive thus starting a chain reaction that led to our having lunch for no reason at all.

People's Palace

People's Palace-1

With only an hour’s notice and several text messages these are the classmates who made it to lunch. Some are supposed to be at work, some have errands to do, some just wanted to have a beauty day but all dropped everything to have lunch. We are just so easy!
People's Palace-2

People’s Palace is a Thai restaurant in Greenbelt 3 that has been around for a long time. It’s my first time to eat here. It’s a bit pricey and the servings are small but the food is good.

People's Palace-3
pandan juice P110
People's Palace-4
lemongrass and ginger juice P110
People's Palace-5
prawn spring rolls P310
People's Palace-6
prawn, pomelo and coconut salad P380
People's Palace-7
Thai prawn cakes P370
This was my favorite dish. It tastes just like Laksa. It’s a bit spicy and the curry is made with coconut milk.
People's Palace-8 (1)
kao soi gai – northern style chicken curry
w/ crispy egg noodles P380
People's Palace-11
stir fried clams P390
Their phad thai wasn’t as pretty as Azuthai’s but it’s pretty good too.
People's Palace-9
phad thai P380
This chicken curry was very mild. It’s perfect for those who don’t like hot curries.
People's Palace-10
aromatic chicken curry w/ sweet potato &
pineapple relish P360
All the desserts we ordered were fabulous. My favorite was the chocolate cake which initially tasted dry but it had a dense and moist center. The flavor was deep and dark just the way I like it.
People's Palace-12
people’s palace chocolate cake w/
vanilla seed ice cream P250
This has got to be the most sticky rice in one order that I’ve ever seen. It was so good although some of the mangoes were very sour.
People's Palace-13
sticky rice + coconut cream w/ mangoes P220

Deb was right. This was the creamiest, lightest panna cotta we’ve ever eaten.

People's Palace-14
panna cotta w/ cardamom & fruits P240

People’s Palace
G/F Garden side Greenbelt 3,
Ayala Centre Makati City,
Metro Manila Philippines 1223
telephone : 729-2888

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