Army Navy Burger + Burrito

Army Navy burger
Last October Army Navy Burger + Burrito opened right across the building where my store was. I was so excited to try it. Since my favorite fast food burger, Hotshots closed their branch in the same street I didn’t have any place nearby to get my burger fix.

Army Navy and Yellow Cab pizza are owned by the same company. That explained their sharing of a glass wall and outside dining area.
Army Navy burger + burrito

Army Navy burger + burrito-1

Just like your typical fast food joint you had to order and pay at the counter and wait for your food to be served. And wait we did, for a looong time. That could also mean that the food was cooked upon ordering which was a good thing.
Army Navy burger + burrito-2

The picture looked so good I had to order it.
Army Navy burger + burrito-3

starving sailor sandwich - steak

The cheese steak was sooooo much better than Charlie‘s version. The thin slices of steak were highly visible and the cheese sauce was just the right quantity and not drowning the beef. My only complaint was the beef was extremely salty. I also didn’t like the margarine on the bread. Other than that it was a good and filling sandwich.
starving sailor sandwich - steak-1
starving sailor sandwich – steak P225

The cheese quesadilla was very, very bland. They should have used a stronger flavor cheese like cheddar or a blend of cheddar and mozzarella.
cheese quesadilla
cheese quesadilla P85

The onion rings were nice and crisp.
onion rings
onion rings P60

I really hoped I would like the burger. All I wanted was a pure beef burger without any extenders. Just beef, salt and pepper.
Army Navy burger
Army Navy burger P135

Unfortunately this wasn’t my type of burger. It did taste better than Charlie’s and you will like it if you like Filipino style burgers like Jollibee’s.
Army Navy burger-1

So far my favorite burrito is from Mexicali. I hoped this would be another one.
carnitas burrito
carnitas (pork) burrito P155

The burrito was actually good even with all that rice and little pork. The Spanish rice was very flavorful so I didn’t mind. The roast pork had a nice grilled flavor but it was too fatty. I wish the flour tortilla was thinner and drier. It became a bit too mushy for my taste.

The burrito came with bland salsa and some totally flavorless, unidentifiable white sauce.
carnitas burrito-1

My office mates and I haven’t been back since that one time. Maybe it’s time to try it again? I’m still on the fence on that.
Army Navy Menu

Army Navy Menu-1

Army Navy Menu-2

Army Navy Burger + BurritoGround Level, Strata 2000 Bldg., 
F. Ortigas Jr. Rd., Ortigas Center, Pasig Cit
telephone: 570-8181

9 thoughts on “Army Navy Burger + Burrito

  1. I don’t like Army Navy’s Burgers either.. for some reason it has a lightly sour taste to it that i can’t seem to understand.. But I think their Onion Rings are among the best I’ve tried.. and Their Freedom Fries are really addicting!If you go back, give their breakfast burrito a try.. That will probably be your only meal for the day hehe.. oh, and their fried chicken is actually very good 🙂


  2. My friends and I ate there a few days ago apparently we didn’t walked out “happy”… instead, one of us end up walking in the hospital  after a few hours due to food poisoning. 


  3. Session road branch is so incompetent and not friendly. You should call their attention, this may affect your reputation and sales. They did not provide my preferred order the reason why i did not check it is because i trust them and i expected them to pack what i ordered.. CALL THE ATTENTION OF YOUR CREWS!!!!


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