Florence: Outlet Shopping at The Mall & Space Prada

The Mall, Outlet in Florence
For me a good vacation is a fine balance between culture, good food and shopping. If one is missing it doesn’t feel right. The only exception is a beach vacation where I don’t expect any shopping. Luckily my two travel mates are also avid shoppers so dedicating a full day to outlet shopping in Florence was an easy decision.

The Mall outlet was located in Leccio, a province in Florence. We were able to hire a car and driver for €140 a whole day’s shopping and extra tour at the end of the day. The other options were taking a cab, bus or train but time and convenience was the most important to us so a private car was the best albeit most expensive option. The outlet was about 30 minutes drive from our B&B.

The Mall was an outdoor outlet with a lot of high end name brands Dior, Gucci, Prada, Bottega Veneta, Tod’s and many more. We didn’t go in to all the stores just to the brands we liked and hoped to find good deals.
The Mall, Outlet in Florence-001

The Mall, Outlet in Florence-002

We didn’t go in to Prada anymore since we were going to the bigger Space Outlet after.
The Mall, Outlet in Florence-003

The Mall, Outlet in Florence-004

The Mall, Outlet in Florence-006

I was so disappointed that Bottega Veneta was closed for inventory that day. Balenciaga and YSL was soooo disappointing with their stocks. They didn’t carry any of their classic bags which I hoped to buy.
The Mall, Outlet in Florence-005

There was a restaurant and cafe on site.

Restaurant at The Mall, Florence-001 Restaurant at The Mall, Florence-002

Restaurant at The Mall, Florence

I was so deliriously happy to find a Lindt store at The Mall. I never ever read about it’s existence when I was doing research. You can bet it was the first store Sharon and I went to. Skinny Rochelle went straight to the stores.
Lindt Outlet at The Mall, Florence

Lindt Outlet at The Mall, Florence-001

It felt like I was in heaven. The chocolates on the lower bin were sold by weight and you can mix and match.
Lindt Outlet at The Mall, Florence-002

Lindt Outlet at The Mall, Florence-003

I bought these 72% dark chocolate squares (top) and the cremosi arancia which was dark chocolate with orange filling. Both were so good and I’ve never seen them outside this store. The sales person was kind enough to let me try some samples before buying and it saved me from buying some that were too sweet.
Lindt Outlet at The Mall, Florence-004

These Lindt Creation bars were also so tempting!
Lindt Outlet at The Mall, Florence-007
Lindt Creation bars

Lindt Outlet at The Mall, Florence-010
hard candies

Lindt Outlet at The Mall, Florence-005
Lindt Mozart Collection and Lindor truffles

Lindt Outlet at The Mall, Florence-009
hot and cold chocolate mix

I wanted to buy the hot chocolate mix and cocoa powder too but I was still going to Paris and my luggage might be overweight.
Lindt Outlet at The Mall, Florence-008
cocoa powder and hot chocolate mix

Lindt Outlet at The Mall, Florence-006
cake mixes

They gave Sha and I a foil bag to keep our chocolates from melting.
Lindt Outlet at The Mall, Florence-011

We were successful at Marni, Gucci and Tod’s. We got some good bargains with sunglasses, wallets, bags and shoes. The most expensive thing I bought was a Gucci bag for my mom €300. Everything else was below €200 so I think we got good deals. We were fast shoppers too spending only two hours at The Mall.
The Mall, Outlet in Florence-007

After The Mall our driver brought us to lunch (separate post) then we went to Space Outlet which was another 40 minutes drive from the restaurant. Space Outlet carried the brands Prada, Miu Miu, Helmut Lang, Jill Sander, Prada Sport and Church.
Space Outlet Prada in Florence

It was huge!!!
Space Outlet Prada in Florence-001

As soon as we arrived we were given a number each. Do not lose this number because this will be used to identify your purchases when you pay at the counter. I wasn’t allowed to take any pictures inside but we were all able to buy something. The leather wallets were a nice and a good deal.
Space Outlet Prada in Florence-002

Luckily our driver had a big trunk for all our shopping bags.
Space Outlet Prada in Florence-003

Our B&B’s elevator was barely big enough for all our bags. What a nice and productive day we had.  It was the best break from all the churches and museums. Happy, happy, happy!!!

If you want more information on how to go to these outlets by cab, bus or train check out this site.

The Mall
Via Europa 8, 50066 Leccio Reggello (FI) Italia
telephone: 055 8657775
Monday – Sunday 10AM-7PM

Space Outlet
Strada Statale 69, Levanella Spacceo Montevarchi, Tuscany, Italy
Tel: 055 91901
Hours: 9:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and 2 to 7 p.m. Sunday

47 thoughts on “Florence: Outlet Shopping at The Mall & Space Prada

  1. Hi shootfirsteatlater! Nice post about the mall and space outlet! I will be going to florence this december and is it okay if i ask for the contact details of the driver who drove you to space and the mall? Thank you so much!


  2. Hi shootfirsteatlater! Loved your post about the mall and space outlet! I am going to Florence in june and i am looking foward to go to these outlets! I loved your post and tips! Could you please send me the contact of the driver that you had? my email is: naninhafigueiredo@hotmail.com ! Thanks so much!!! Giovana


  3. Hi, I was searching for ideas on how to get to space and the mall and your page was among the list. Your blog is really informative. I’m going this week, would appreciate if I can have the driver’s contact details as well. junicet@gmail.com. Many thanks!! =)


  4. So this is how the outlet stores look like there 😀 We were in Florence a few months ago, but never went shopping. Splurged all that money on wine tasting, gelato, and buffalo mozzarella.

    Which was not a bad thing when in Florence and the Tuscan region 😀

    – Ray


  5. Hi Leslie, good thing i came across your blog… was looking for a car and a driver to use for our trip this august to the outet malls outside florence. I hope you dont mind sharing the contact details of the driver and the name of the rental service you used during the outlet shopping day-) Thanks in advance! you can email me thru rase1000@yahoo.com


  6. Hi, I’m going Florence this July…Could you have the driver details for the trip outlet tour..please send me mail:dreda_rob77@hotmail.com


  7. Hello, my wife is so inspired by your post and wants to go to both outlets. We will be leaving this weekend :)) We eagerly hope to get the hired driver’s contact from you. Can you share with us? My email is groovygerm@gmail.com Thank you


  8. Hello there! Thank you sharing to us your experience in the mall!! Very informative ! Wr are planning to go as well and is it possbile to have the drivers contact details? Thank you so much! By the way, my email add is kriskelv@gmail.com!


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