Another Sunday Lunch at Choi Garden

Have I mentioned Choi Garden is my favorite Chinese restaurant? We eat there at least 2 Sundays a month. Add to that the occasional friends get together and hot pot yearning, I’ve eaten there 4 times in the past month! I don’t mind since I never get tired of eating their excellent food.

When we ate there last Sunday we made an effort to order all new dishes. By the way, all the non-food pictures here were taken by 10 yr. old Michelle. Don’t you think she’s good? She’s my official assistant every Sunday.

entrance of Choi

This is the small dining area right after the main door. The lighting is really red!

We always order roast pork at Choi’s because they have the juiciest and most tender pork in town. And the kids just love it.

roast pork

For me their pigeon is the best. Even better than the ones I’ve tried in Hong Kong. It’s very juicy and the flavor goes all the way to the bone.

fried pigeon

This e-fu noodles have no meat and just a little veggies but it’s so good. The secret is in the intensely flavored stock and sauce they used.

e-fu noodles

wintermelon soup

This is my new favorite dish. Normally it’s served as 1 square of tofu with some veggies per person at a cost of P120 per plate. We requested them to cut the tofu in half and serve it in a big plate. This is made up of 5 orders. The tofu tastes like egg custard mixed with tofu. It’s doesn’t taste or look like your usual tofu that’s firm and white. This one is light yellow and very soft and flavorful.

tofu w/ polunchay

This is another of the kids’ favorites. It’s fried siopao dough without any filling inside. When it comes to your table hot eat it right away. It tastes better than Krispy Kreme donuts.

fried man tao

This is another new favorite recommended to me by my hs classmate, Jennie. Beef ribs are cooked with a liberal amount of peppercorn and soy based sauce. The beef is so tender and spiced just right. This is perfect with white rice.

pepper beef ribs

The taro and Chinese sausage fried rice was also very good but we were already full by the time it was brought to our table. And it didn’t go well with the beef so we just took most the rice home.

taro and sausage fried rice

What? There’s more food! Too full to eat anything else. Hmm this fish is good. So full already. I love the garlic and soy sauce on the fish.

steamed fish w/ garlic

Ok I can skip the veggies.

spinach w/ 2 kinds of eggs

Ok ok I had to taste 1 abalone. It was soft but canned abalone tastes better.

steamed fresh abalone

There’s always room for dessert. Besides these are all our favorite desserts.

almond shake w/ fruit cocktail


sesame paste inside


bean paste inside
Choi Garden has a lobster festival ongoing in case you’re interested.

Choi Garden Seafood and Shark’s Fin Restaurant
12 Annapolis St.
cor. Purdue St.
San Juan, Metro Manila
telephone: 727-6042

5 thoughts on “Another Sunday Lunch at Choi Garden

  1.                   Thx for putting the pictures i took in there. I like it.  Make sure we get to go to other restaurant to take more pictures! 😀  C-YA!


  2. cud u post a menu for this resto pls 🙂 u seem to like this resto a lot which i cnt argue wiv myslf coz coz the food lookd superb NOMNOM 🙂 x


  3. thnk u so much 🙂 i rli enjoy reading ur blog. the information are all very useful & the pictures describes them well 😀 i read some everday 🙂 thankyou x


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