Apple OS 3.1 and iTunes 9

Every time Apple has a new announcement I stay up and wait for it. The event usually starts at 1:00 a.m. Manila time. I usually monitor Engadget and Gizmodo at the same time via their live updates. That means a lot of reloading of the page. They both do an excellent job of giving a blow by blow account of what’s happening on stage and they support it with pictures. They must type really fast and upload pics as they go on.

What’s new?
1. iPhone OS 3.1 is out. It’s free if you already have OS 3. For iPhone and iPod touch.
2. Genius for apps: recommends what you might like.
3. iTunes 9 is released. Features “genius mixes” works like a radio station for your music. You can arrange your home screens and arrange apps around through iTunes. (This is what I’ve been waiting for!)

(from Engadget)
I’m going to concentrate on the updates now. Just go to engadget or gizmodo for the complete update. I can’t wait to download all the updates. 

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