Lunch at Asian Twist Fusion Restaurant

Db wanted to treat Rochelle and me for her birthday and she suggested Asian Twist Fusion Restaurant. It was far from us but near her but we were game to try something new.

The huge twist sign really catches your attention. I just went to Chinese General Hospital in the 1st week of September and I passed NS Amoranto (Retiro St.) and I didn’t notice this restaurant. I guess if you’re paying attention you still won’t see it.

The restaurant looks like a house that was converted to a restaurant. I liked the clean and simple decor. It was very youthful.

There’s was a cake display and several kinds of bread and bars at the entrance.

I bought a couple of pork floss to take home. I wasn’t too happy with it. The bread was very firm and I didn’t like the taste of the pork floss or mahu. I prefer Bread Talk’s version a lot more.

pork floss bread P45

ebi pork floss bread P48

twist ensaymada P38

rochelle and db

The place was full when we were there last Saturday for lunch.

They also have a second floor.

It’s shocking but I don’t eat raw fish. But I ate the seared tuna from the red rice salad at the potluck dinner the night before and I liked it. So when Rochelle ordered this sesame rice tuna tataki I took the plunge and ate it. I loved it! The tuna was coated with a spicy dressing and it was the perfect partner for the rice. The addition of toasted sesame added a nice crunch and flavor to the otherwise plain rice.

sesame rice tuna tataki P135

I was on a Korean food streak so I wanted to try their version of the pajon. The difference was this pajon had a coating of panko. It was crisp but very oily. It was good but not as good as Yedang’s.

Jane’s pajion P145

The restaurant’s specialty was bibimbop or rice cooked in a stone pot. Instead of just plain beef and veggie toppings that you can find in Korean restaurants they ‘twisted’ it by offering different toppings. They have bagnet, teriyaki and even a creamy bibimbop. We ordered the teppanyaki fish fillet bibimbop.

teppanyaki fillet bibimbop P175

The server mixed everything in the bowl including the raw egg. It was really, really good. It was even better than the ones I’ve tasted in Minato and Yedang. There was a liberal amount of teriyaki sauce that made the rice so yummy. What I loved best was toasted rice at the bottom of the pot. We had to scrape it well to get every last bit. I want to go back just to eat this dish.

the crunchy bottom

Rochelle ordered the grilled squid. I’d skip this dish. It tasted a bit uncooked and the sauce wasn’t that good. I guess we were expecting a plain grilled squid with the sauce on the side.

The khalbi udon was another disappointing dish. The noodles used weren’t even udon. It was some kind of Chinese flat noodles. It tasted like Korean beef stew with noodles in it. It wasn’t really bad but it just wasn’t what I expected.

khalbi udon P235

bff forever (wow cheezy)

The waiter told us that the Asian Twist cake was their bestseller so we decided to order a slice to share. Layers of dacquoise with mango mousse in the middle, chocolate mousse on top and covered with whipped cream. Sounds inventive and good right? Alas there were several things that went wrong. The dacquoise was crunchy but slightly over baked. We could taste a slight burnt taste. The mango and chocolate layers lacked a little sweetness to make it stand out. The chocolate lacked chocolate flavor. It only tasted good when you take a bit of dacquoise and whipped cream and eat it together.

What I liked about Asian Twist was the very reasonable prices and the satisfying serving size. I would definitely go back again to eat the bibimbop and tuna tataki and try some other dishes. I hope they open a branch in Greenhills soon. Our bill came to just over P1,000. I haven’t seen a bill that low in a long time.

Asian Twist Menu
appetizer & pork, beef & chicken,
seafood, rice toppings & noodles,
salads, sandwiches & sides,
desserts & drinks, set menu
new items 1 & 2

Asian Twist Fusion Resturant
101 N.S. Amoranto cor. (formerly Retiro St.)
Speaker Perez St., Q.C.
telephone: 711-2248; 749-3878

4 thoughts on “Lunch at Asian Twist Fusion Restaurant

  1. really delicious.i leave just two streets away from ASian Twist. We’ve been living here like for more than 20 years. We’ve seen the transformation of the big white house into the sophisticated looking Asian Twist right now.On sundays, my mom and I would attend mass in a church nearby then right after, we’d go straight to Asian Twist.  My mom and I would always get an order of Asian Twist’s Calvin Twist. They also have new noodles now like the Japanese Fetuccine. They’re good too but it’s the Calvin’s Twist that I prefer. My brother and I would usually order the california maki. Sometimes we just have it delivered at home nand eat it while watching movies. I also love their clubhouse, fruit shakes. seafood bibimpop, caine’s bagnet (new) bento boxes.When I get there next sunday, I’ll be ordering the Japanese Fetuccine.


  2. Everyweek we never missed to eat in Asian Twist Resto. Me and my wife love the is the bibimbop. She loves the seafood and I love the veggie. The lemon jiuce is fantastic, clubhouse sandwich, so many food vaarieties. In fact we were able to complete their Promo Card – 10 visits. On the 10th visit we got the Super Delicious Crispy Pata. So Yummy, We want to complete another 10 card visits. So that we can claim another Super Yummy Crispy Pata from Asian Twist. Come and try, I am sure you will surely get stuck here.


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