What do you bring to a potluck?

We had another HS homecoming meeting and 17 confirmed to attend. The food for the meeting was potluck and these are what my friends brought.

Deb bought this amazing, fantabulous deli platter from Santi’s. It contained prosciutto, chorizo, gouda, emmenthal and 2 kinds of salami. This platter lasted until after dinner. We picked our way through most of it with some melon, wine and lots of laughter.

Santi’s deli platter

Debbie ordered this lumpiang ubod from her office canteen.

lumpiang ubod

Janet made this chap chae from scratch. It was restaurant quality indeed! She used US sirloin sukiyaki with the Korean noodles. It was soooo good. We are expecting more from Janet in the upcoming meetings.

chap chae

Jennie brought this Red Rice Salad from Dulcelin. On the web site the description for this is “A Korean style paella with seared tuna slices, shrimp and shredded lettuce” It costs P1,600 and is good for 10 to 12 persons. The rice tastes like it had mayonnaise in it. The seared tuna was perfect with the rice and lettuce. The dish was mildly spicy and very creamy. It was a unique dish that I don’t mind eating again and again. Paging Jennie!

red rice salad

Arlene, Kathleen and Denyse brought siomai and KFC. Too bad they came late! I heard the kids loved the siomai. The siomai was from our classmate, Jocelyn’s store in Ash Creek Mall in Ortigas Avenue.


KFC fried chicken
The best discovery for the night was this barbeque Deb ordered from Heaven’s Barbeque. They delivered the barbeque right to Deb’s gate. This was one of the best pork barbeque I’ve ever eaten. It was very soft, juicy and tasty. There was also breastlet (what an unfortunate name) which was boneless chicken barbeque made with chicken breast. It was equally delicious. It wasn’t dry at all as chicken breast is prone to become dry when grilled.

pork on the left, chicken on the right

It’s not cheap though. A stick of pork barbeque costs P37 each while the breastlet costs P29. These prices are when you order 20 pieces minimum. Otherwise add P1 each for the retail price.

My contribution was the coffee almond jelly salad in the stainless bowl. Everyone said it was good. 🙂 Elisa brought my favorite peachy peachy from Arny and Dadeng.

coffee almond jelly salad
peachy peachy

Birthday girl, Frances brought this classic mango torte as her treat for us. The bottom crust was made with walnuts and egg whites for a crunchy dacquoise. The crust was then topped with mango balls and whipped cream. Yummy!

mango torte
Aida brought this sapin sapin from Dolors, another favorite of mine.

Are these any of the food you would bring to a potluck? My friends really have good taste. Til the next meeting. Start thinking of what you will bring next.

Santi’s Delicatessen
San Antonio Plaza Arcade, Forbes Park
Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines
telephone: 894-1293

The Promenade Bldg., 198 Wilson Street Corner
P. Guevarra, San Juan City
telephone: 381-2926; 381-2934

Dulcelin Gourmet
36 Times St.
West Triangle, Q.C.
Philippines 1104
telephone: 374-2165 ; 374-2167

Heaven’s Barbeque
For Deliveries:

Aguirre St. cor. Elizalde St., BF Homes Paranaque City
telephone: 659-2314; 659-2315

7224 Malugay St. cor Buendia, Bel-Air
telephone: 894-3899; 893-4715

Vito Cruz cor Pasong Tamo
telephone: 897-2575

Petron C-5 cor. Diego Silang
Taguig City
telephone: 986-0143

Madison Square
Madison St., cor. Ortigas Ave.,
Greenhils san Juan
telephone: 726-0250; 727-3206

Madison Square
E.Rodriguez Jr.
Libis, Quezon City
telephone: 396-1198

9 thoughts on “What do you bring to a potluck?

  1. I’m so envious. But doesn’t potluck mean you guys have to cook the food yourselves and not buy most of it in a shop? I guess si Janet lang ang nagluluto. I think you guys just get together to eat and laugh and not really have meetings. hahahahaha!Just kidding. Kasi naman , there’s always food when a “meeting” commences. And not just ordinary pica pica but real food buffets. How will you guys loose weight for the homecoming if you keep eating like this at each meeting?


  2. Talaga! Hirap to stay on your diet w/ all these good food. Kaya I don’t drink na. Bawas rin sa calories di ba? ha ha ha. Buit na lang meron na si Deb drinking buddies – Janet and Kathy. 😉


  3. ohhh everything looks yummy! by any chance, did you go to ICA for hs? 🙂 just a wild guess 🙂 u all look very chinese 🙂 frannywannyhttp://www.frannywanny.com


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