Dinner at Jenny’s House

We recently had a mini potluck to celebrate our own birthdays at Jenny’s new house. We usually treat each other but since everyone was busy (that’s their excuse) we decided to celebrate together. Vivian’s birthday was in April, Jenny in August and me in September.

Their kids meet up once a year too. Girls, we really need to do this more often!


I brought these fabulous vegetable quiche from Lartizan. I also brought French bread and a yummy herb and garlic cheese made from carabao’s milk and some sun dried tomato pesto. As usual I forgot to take pictures of those.

veggie quiche

Jenny’s hubby, Raymund is a wonderful chef. If he didn’t cook they would have to survive on take out. He cooked this delicious gambas which was very spicy.


Jenny bought this chicken pie from Uno restaurant in escolta. The crust was really good. I didn’t like the filling very much though. The white sauce was in semi solid globs and there were too much potatoes. The chicken chunks were plentiful though.

chicken pot pie

Vivian brought this spaghetti in clam sauce. The sauce is good but the noodles were a bit soft. Sorry Viv! She also made callos. It’s in the container next too the spaghetti.

spaghetti w/ clam sauce

The discovery of the night was the frozen choco lava cake Jenny bought. All she did was pop in the microwave for a few seconds and top it with some ice cream and she had instant dessert.

chocolate lava cake

Break the cake and let all the chocolate love come out. Yummmmmy!

In the end it wasn’t about the food. It was about 3 long time friends getting together and catching up. It was a fun night. Another one in December I hope.

Choco Lava Cake
Fudgies by Jenny Silayan
16 San Martin St.
Magallanes Village
telephone: 852-0557

2 thoughts on “Dinner at Jenny’s House

  1. Hi Viv!!!… the boys are getting big na.  Glad there’s a sighting of your family here at Les’ blog.  You know you are true friends with someone if they can openly criticize your cooking, right?Hi too, Cheng!… glad you guys had a great get-together.  Congrats on the new home… and a special congrats on having a husband that is a good cook!


  2. Hi Les.  Isn’t the other guy Adel Sy’s brother?  Food looked yummy as usual.  Uno’s chix pie used to be really good.  The only lava cake I tried was the one that Seattle’s Best offers.  It’s really good especially when heated.  So yum.  Congrats to Jenny’s home.  Looks lovely.


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