Lunch Buffet at Inagiku Japanese restaurant

I’ve already featured Inagiku before but the pictures I took then were awful. I think they’re better now.
Inagiku at Makati Shangri-la has the one of the best Japanese buffets in town but they only have it on weekends.

They definitely have the best selection of sushi I’ve ever eaten. I only eat cooked sushi and they had a lot of those and they were very unique. It was challenging to take pictures of the sushi because it was always out of stock. People there ate a lot of sushi and the chefs can’t keep up.

This was my favorite sushi. It’s called spicy tuna burger. It’s a piece of seared tuna on top of sushi rice and topped with some mayonnaise and cheese which was broiled quickly to melt.

I didn’t eat any of the salads or cold appetizers below. I wanted to save space in my tummy for the sushi and 1 item in the main course. Read on to find out what it was.

Japanese potato salad

Inagiku salad with special dressing and toppings

These were the main course selections. I only had interest in one item.

shrimp balls

salmon in miso

There were different types of meat and seafood you can choose and they will cook it on the teppanyaki table for you. I didn’t eat any of these either. They were very popular with the other diners.





sea bass

udon station

mixed vegetables

fried salmon w/ cheese

These were the best food in the buffet – mini hamburgers! I’m declaring these the best burgers in Manila. It wipes out any burgers I’ve written about. These burgers were thick, juicy and most of all they taste like little nuggets of steak. As I’ve written over and over a good burger for me is one that is made with great quality beef that you can truly taste with every bite. It’s not about the sauce, toppings, cheese and definitely any extenders or fancy spices. These definitely fit the bill. I initially got a piece to try. I wasn’t expecting anything fancy. The first bite blew me away. I immediately told everyone in our group to get try the burgers. Everyone agreed with me that they were incredible.

giant tuna head


Dessert Japanese style

coffee jelly

These are pictures of what I actually ate. I didn’t have pictures of the shrimp sushi below but these were always out of stock too. They were deadly delicious.
Notice the one burger and 3 kinds of fish? I was trying to eat healthy. The salmon on the left was too sweet, the fried one in the middle was hard and cold so I just ate the one on the right. After I ate my burger I immediately went back for more!
Here’s 3 more burgers. I think I went back for 2 more. I hope they have burgers again the next time I go back to Inagiku. I will just eat sushi and burgers for lunch.

The waiter will bring tempura to your table. I’m not really fond of shrimp tempura so I asked for fish and sweet potato tempura only.

fish tempura

sweet potato tempura
Of course I had dessert. I love the fruit in jelly inside the orange skin. I also love their coffee jelly and the new citrus jelly.

It was a wonderful lunch since it wasn’t at Choi Garden again. I also loved discovering the best burgers in Manila. I hope they have it as a regular item in their weekend buffet.
Makati Shangri-la Hotel
Ayala Avenue corner Makati Avenue
Makati City 1200 Philippines
telephone: (63 2) 813 8888
for reservations: 840 0884

P1,732.00  net per head

10 thoughts on “Lunch Buffet at Inagiku Japanese restaurant

  1. I know ice cream is part of the buffet but I never knew they had wasabi ice cream! I’m usually too full for ice cream. I’ve gotta try that though. Thanks for telling me about it.


  2. i have went to inagiku. Long time no eat!!! HAhaha! But seriously, its a very long time already before i went there. But it was good anyways. It was quite expensive too. You have to try it. 🙂  


  3. i think having japanese cuisine on a buffet is not a good idea because japanese cuisine usually stress more on food presentation and having this on a buffet it will surely affect the presentation although its the trend nowadays we have to go through it.


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