Philippine Airlines food Mla-Hkg-Mla

I just recently came back from a trip to Hong Kong. As usual I took PAL since it’s my favorite airline. Yes it is! Well mainly because all my mileage from credit cards is with Pal so I have no choice but to take PAL. On this flight I took business class using up only 25,000 miles round trip.

As usual the food was excellent. No I wasn’t just hungry. It was really, really good!

lunch menu Mla-Hkg

The mixed seafood salad was delicious. The shrimp, scallop and mussel were all fresh and well cooked.

I chose the western specialty which was chicken breast with morel farce. I didn’t know what farce was but I took a chance. I love chicken breast but I’m normally hesitant to order it on the plane because it usually is hard and dry. Surprisingly the chicken wrapped in pastry was tender and juicy. The sauce was also exquisite.
chicken breast with morel farce

dinner menu Hkg-Mla

For dinner I chose the Asian specialty of grilled sea bass with red curry sauce. Fish is a dish I avoid on planes as it is often hard and often not fresh. But I didn’t have any option since I don’t like prawns or pork tenderloin. I was so shocked to find the fish restaurant quality. It was a thick cut of sea bass that was perfectly grilled. It was melt in your mouth tender. My only complain was there wasn’t enough curry sauce. The crab rice wasn’t that good though. It tasted like colored rice only.

smoked tuna salad

grilled sea bass w/ red curry sauce & crab rice

The panna cotta was good but not the greatest. They should have flavored the panna cotta with mango instead of leaving it plain and topping it with sour mangoes. Nevertheless not bad for airplane food.

mango panna cotta

Watch out in the coming days for more features and pictures of Hong Kong restaurants.

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