Dinner at Hak Ka Hut

Our first dinner in Hong Kong was at the Hakka Hut located at Oterprise Square in TST where Friday’s and Outback steak house are.

Hakka cuisine originated in southeastern China, mainly Guangdong and Fujian provinces. There are several Hakka restaurants in Singapore and Malaysia but this is the first one I’ve seen in Hong Kong.

The interiors were pleasant and very casual.

I found their melamine plates with cut outs for the chopsticks really cute.

We started with the clear chicken soup which was extremely flavorful. It tasted like it was cooked for days.

clear chicken soup

These were the contents of the soup. Notice the pork? I think the secret to good chicken soup is the addition of pork. Of course there was also lots of secret herbs and spices added.

The conch was just average. Some were quite tough. The tofu underneath was good though.

pan fried sliced conch w/ beancurd HK$60

The baked chicken with savory sauce is their specialty. It’s tasted like very salty steamed chicken. It was good with rice. It’s one of the best Hainanese chicken I’ve ever eaten in Hong Kong.

baked chicken w/ savory sauce Hk$60/half
These were the sauces for the chicken. The left one is a soy-vinegar combination. The one on the right is my favorite. It was made with sesame oil and ginger. The one on the bottom was your regular chili sauce.

steamed rice

The menu said these were called Hakka pastries. The waitress said it was made up of sweet and savory pastries. She said she didn’t like the savory ones but we couldn’t order just the sweet pastries. We decided to try it since it was their specialty.

Hakka pastries

This brown sticky thing was the sweet pastry. At first bite it tasted like soil. It was very sticky and chewy and it had a sweet, nutty filling. After I got over the taste of soil it wasn’t that bad. I acutally managed to finish a piece. But I wouldn’t order this again.

The white one was the savory pastry. Boy was the waitress right. After one bite I didn’t bother finishing it. I can’t describe the taste but it was yucky.

We went back another night to try more of their specialties. We ordered my favorite dish stewed pork belly with preserved vegetables. You really need to eat rice with this dish. Also make sure to remove the fat layer. It’s another salty and delicious dish.

pork belly with preserved vegetables Hk$62

scrambled eggs w/ crabmeat & vermicelli $58

beancurd w/ minced pork

poached fresh mushrooms w/ baby vegetables
in rich soup $50

For dessert we had the traditional Chinese hot sweet soups in almond and black sesame flavors.

hot almond soup & black sesame soup

Hak Ka Hut Menu
specialties, vegetables, seafood, dimsum

Hak Ka Hut serves decent food at average prices. The standouts were the baked chicken and stewed pork with preserved vegetables. The other dishes were just average. It’s definitely no Choi Garden. Give it a try so you can taste genuine Hakka cuisine.

Hak Ka Hut
3/F, Oterprise Square 26 Nathan Rd,
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
telephone: 2369 3822

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