Dinner at Korea Garden Restaurant

Korean Garden Restaurant-16
I’m still on a Korean food roll so I suggested we eat at Korea Garden restaurant, one of the oldest and most well loved Korean restaurants in Manila. I haven’t eaten there in years so I hoped it was still as good as before.

Korean Garden Restaurant

The simple interiors haven’t changed at all. The one thing missing from this restaurant is the option to cook your food on the table. They don’t have table top grills like most Korean restaurants.
Korean Garden Restaurant-1

These are my ‘on call’ at anytime to eat friends. Just one text and they’re ready to run to the restaurant. Planning dinners with this bunch is a breeze.
Korean Garden Restaurant-11

Korean Garden Restaurant-2
Korean appetizers

Korean Garden Restaurant-3

Korean Garden Restaurant-4

Korean Garden Restaurant-5

Korean Garden Restaurant-6

Korean Garden Restaurant-7

Korean Garden Restaurant-8
dried anchovies (dilis)

Korean Garden Restaurant-9
sweet peanuts

The seafood pajon was crispy and yummy.
Korean Garden Restaurant-10
pajon P290

Korean Garden Restaurant-12
chap chae P280

Korean Garden Restaurant-13
bibimbop P280

I forgot to tell the waiter not to add the hot sauce when he mixed up the rice mixture. As a result it was too spicy for me to eat. It looked good though.
Korean Garden Restaurant-14

My favorite dish was the squid bulgogi. It was incredibly soft and very, very flavorful.
Korean Garden Restaurant-16
squid bulgogi P290

Even if the meat wasn’t grilled at our table it was all delicious. The servings were a bit small though.
Korean Garden Restaurant-17
combination of chicken P280 and beef bulgogi 295

Korean Garden Restaurant-18
so kalbi kui (beef ribs) P330

Korean Garden Restaurant-19
kalbi chim (beef stew) P310

Since we weren’t satisfied with the free pineapple for dessert we trooped to Deb’s house for Mrs. Yulo’s turtle pie. This is one of our favorite desserts.
Korean Garden Restaurant-21

The super decadent turtle pie was made with a thick chocolate cookie crust topped with a layer of luscious caramel and walnuts and finished with a thick chocolate filling. It wasn’t cloyingly sweet as you would expect but the smooth caramel was just the right complement to the dark rich chocolate flavor from the filling and cookie crust.
Korean Garden Restaurant-22

Korean Garden Restaurant-23

Korean Garden Restaurant-24

Korea Garden Restaurant Menu
peculiar dishes, rice, specialties, bulgogi, soup, noodles, vegetarian

Korea Garden Restaurant
128 Jupiter St., Bel-Air 2
Makati City
telephone: 895-5443, 896-4361

Mrs. Yulo’s Turtle Pie

19 Kawayan St. North Forbes, Makati City
telephone: 810-80-78 or 812-49-61

10 thoughts on “Dinner at Korea Garden Restaurant

  1. hello..i read what youve post.and i like it.kya lang po i think that restaurant is expensive.just to see the place.mron po ba kaung maisusuggest ung katuladpo nung sa mga koreans.ung nakaupo lang tlaga sa floor.and affordable.you and your friends looks rich.so you guys canexplore many restaurants.hope you can tell me some.thankz =) here’s my email add: acoh_gaze26@yahoo.comgodbless :DD


  2. Grace share mo naman saan pa masarap and mura na Korean restaurant? Pag nakaupo sa floor tingin ko mas authentic at mas masarap pa! saan yon? thanks for reading my blog.


  3. Your review of korean resaurans has given me ideas for a despedida dinner for my son’s mother- in-law  who is leaving Australia back to Seoul this week.  Your photos are really useful and give valuable clues to the dishes and the restaurant itself.


  4. I just want to share my experience so that those who are planning to eat here can be aware. I went to Korea Garden last October 14 and was very disappointed. Korea Garden failed to amaze me simply because of the poor service. First of all, the waitresses were not involved in the order taking. Since not all of us were well-versed with Korean food, we had difficulty picking our meal. The waitress was uninvolved and did not offer any suggestions at all. Second, the staff was hesitant to give second servings of appetizers. Actually, they ignored our first two requests. We had to try different waiters to finally get the additional appetizer on our table. In the Korean culture they would constantly refill these without any requests from the customers or even have minibars of these appetizers! Third, the staff was not friendly, and was even borderline condescending. At one point during the lunch, when we had to compute our own share of the bill, the waitress stood behind me and stated the end bill as if we did not know how to read or were not intending to pay. With average food (the servings were small for their price) and poor service, I will definitely not be back. The whole group was in a bad mood after the lunch because we all felt that we were insulted by the poor service. Min Sok is definitely a way better alternative within the area. 🙂


  5. We’re too disappointed din sa Korea Garden Resto… Maybe we came with too much expectations because of the reviews i’ve read. The servers are tamad and not accomodating! Magturuan ba sa harap namin who will entertain our queries? My Goodness! And kung di pa namin sasabihin na “di ba you have free appetizers?” walang iseserve! They are all busy-busyhan as if ang daming customers that time… The food are so-so. After the dinner, parang wala lang… not memorable at all… Walang wow factor… We got overwhelmed with reviews atthe end “kumain ba tayo ng Korean Food?” Honestly, we left the resto unhappy and we will never comeback… Still searching for our next korean resto, any suggestions?


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