New Year’s Eve Celebration

New Year's Eve 2009
Happy New Year to everyone!!! How did you celebrate the arrival of the new year? Did you light up fireworks or just had a quiet dinner?

My family on my father’s side celebrate New Year’s Eve in our house every year. This year was extra special with the new additions to our family.

This was our first time to meet our precocious niece, Lian who came home from Taiwan for the first time. No one dared to talk to her for a long time since she spoke fluent Mandarin and we all ran out of things to say to her in Chinese. We later found out she speaks some Filipino.

Most of the people pictures were shot by my cousin Jim who it seems is a budding photographer. I think my new Panasonic GF1 helped a little.
New Year's Eve 2009-1

I love this picture of my cousin in law, Dr. Louie with his new baby, Bree.
New Year's Eve 2009-2

Baby Bree sleeping soundly while her dad wrote prescriptions for all his patients/relatives.
New Year's Eve 2009-3

Another niece, Callista in her cute Gap onesie.
New Year's Eve 2009-4

Some of the older kids were busy playing Wii after dinner.
New Year's Eve 2009-6

New Year's Eve 2009-5

We had dinner at the small garden behind our house. The small house in the picture is actually a tv/rec room.
New Year's Eve 2009-7

I prepared an International menu for dinner to accommodate the young and old guests. It was a mish mash of dishes that didn’t seem to go well with each other but everyone was happy and enjoyed all the food. That’s caesar salad in the wooden bowl below.
New Year's Eve 2009-8

I saw a picture of this dish on a friend’s facebook pics and I recreated it. The recipe and step by step procedure here.
California Summer Rolls
California summer rolls

These are a type of sushi called inarizhushi. The outer layer is made from fried tofu skin called aburaage. It’s stuffed with sushi rice and tuna corn salad. Watch out for the pictures on how I made this coming soon.


I made this linguine with sun dried tomato pesto with luganega sausage from Santi’s.
Sun Dried Tomato Pesto Linguine w/ Lughanege Sausage
linguine with sun dried tomato pesto

For those who don’t like pasta there was Chinese misua ordered from Lim’s Bakeshop.
Chinese Misua
Chinese misua

Baked Chicken
baked spiced chicken

We bought dried preserved duck and Chinese sausage (lap cheong) from Hong Kong. We put the duck and sausages on top of white rice that’s about 80% cooked and let it continue cooking til done. The flavors and fat from the duck and sausages drip on the rice to make it so flavorful. We added some soy sauce and sugar to the rice.
Preserved Duck & Chinese Sausage Rice
preserved duck and sausage rice

The highlight and mainstay of our annual dinner are the prawns and prime ribs cooked on our old teppanyaki grill.
New Year's Eve 2009-17

I ordered a whole US angus prime rib rack from Santi’s.
US Angus Prime Rib

US Angus Prime Rib

Garlic Prawns

New Year's Eve 2009-19

Dessert was mostly store bought except for these home baked chocolate chip cookies with walnuts.
Chocolate Chip Cookies

I played around with my camera and took these shots of the dessert we had. I bought my favorite apple pie from Sugarhouse.
Chocolate cake, Peachy peachy and Apple pie

The chocolate cake came from Hungrypac.
Chocolate cake, Peachy peachy and Apple pie

And my all time favorite peachy peachy from Arny and Dadeng’s newest branch in Gilmore extension which was a stone’s throw away from my house. Oh no!!!
Chocolate cake, Peachy peachy and Apple pie

Lim’s Bake shop
604 Gen. de Jesus St. Little Baguio,
San Juan
Metro Manila
telephone: 725-8851 ; 7252059

Santi’s Delicatessen
The Promenade Bldg., 198 Wilson Street Corner
P. Guevarra, San Juan City
telephone: 381-2926; 381-2934

San Antonio Plaza Arcade, Forbes Park
Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines
telephone: 894-1293

Ground Flr. V-Mall
Greenhills Shopping Center
telephone: 584-9482

Ash Creek Center
Madison Street corner Ortigas Ave

telephone: 736-0002, 0917-8360092

I just realized that Arny and Dadeng has numerous franchise groups. This group’s branches are the following. For the other group’s branches click here.

Arny Dadeng Peachy Peachy
Gilmore extension near Greenhills
telephone: 0905-2121580
38C C. Raymundo Ave. Pasig Blvd. Extension, Pasig City
telephone: 996-9944
306 Amang Rodriguez Ave, Manggahan Pasig City
telephone: 583-9232
547 Shaw Blvd. Mandaluyong City
telephone: 232-8408
Marcos Highway, Cainta Rizal
telephone: 432-1503
Corner Maries Village 2 Marcos Highway, Antipolo City
telephone: 996-8764
Km 16 Marcos Highway, Santolan, Pasig City

telephone: 257-5462

3 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve Celebration

  1. Les, the pictures look delish ! And if my memory serves me right, they taste even better. Too bad I’ve missed the last 3 year’s worth of celebrations. Your shrimps and prime ribs are always scrumptious but that duck and sausage dish … man, I would have flown over just to try that ! As a new convert to duck, I’ll try anything that quacks ! And that tomato pesto linguine with sausage looks yum-yum too. For some reason, I prefer the pasta dishes back home than the ones here in the US. Anyway, you’ve given me extra incentive to try to make it home next year. : ) Is it my imagination or is that dog wearing a green shirt? I gotta say … that doggy is better dressed than Britney Spears. Is he or she one of Cricru’s descendants? And the kids in the pics …it’s a shame I don’t recognize many of them… those little punks grow WAY too fast. And there’s quite a few I’ve never met before. Good thing you took pictures ..made me feel like I was there, at least vicariously. ( I bet you’re checking the dictionary right now to see what “vicarious” means. Ha ha) Anyway, with a little luck I’ll be there in person next year. Yes, you heard me! Live ! In person ! in glorious 3D !   Heh heh. *knock  on wood*Regards,Your cousin Jerome


  2. Hey cuz!Loooong time no hear. Send me an email through the contact me button on the top of the page. The dog in the green shirt is Cricru!!! See you in December or maybe sooner.


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