Chinese New Year 2013

新年快樂 Xin Nian Kuai Le,  Kiong Hee Huat Tsai!!! Welcome to the Year of the Snake. How did you celebrate the New Year? For the longest time our family eats in a Chinese restaurant suffering through slow service, large crowds and noisy ambiance. In recent years we started having dinner in our house where weContinue reading “Chinese New Year 2013”

New Year’s Eve Dinner 2011

Happy New Year to everyone!! I want to interrupt my posts about my recent trip to the United States with this post on how my family celebrated New Year’s Eve. Every year my cousins from my father’s side come to our house for dinner. Last year I had it catered and this year we wereContinue reading “New Year’s Eve Dinner 2011”

New Year’s Eve Dinner 2010

Every December 31 all my cousins on my father’s side come to our house to celebrate.  Every year I cook and order some food and desserts on the side. This year I decided to give myself and my staff a break and decided to have dinner catered by Classic Chef owned by a dear friendContinue reading “New Year’s Eve Dinner 2010”

New Year’s Eve Celebration

Happy New Year to everyone!!! How did you celebrate the arrival of the new year? Did you light up fireworks or just had a quiet dinner?My family on my father’s side celebrate New Year’s Eve in our house every year. This year was extra special with the new additions to our family. This was ourContinue reading “New Year’s Eve Celebration”