Caprice at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong

Hazlenut dacquoise
For the life of me I will never understand how Caprice restaurant at the Four Seasons hotel in Hong Kong got the number 16 spot in the Miele guide to Asia’s top 20 restaurants. I’ve written about of it here and here. None of them were any good except for the lamb chops in one of those meals. You may ask, “If it isn’t good why do I keep going back?” The simple answer is, “I was just a guest.”

Asia’s Top 20 for 2009/2010
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As I’ve written before, dining at Caprice was always hit or miss. Sometime you’ll get lucky and the appetizer or main course will be good if not edible at best. This meal was a total miss. And all 12 of us at lunch agreed.
Caprice menu

The foie gras was mediocre as was the whole dish.
Duck foie gras & chicken terrine w/ salsify in hazlenut dressing
duck foie gras & chicken terrine w/ salsify in hazlenut dressing

I didn’t have the prawns but the comments I heard ranged from “bland, no shrimp taste, frozen shrimp” and other less flattering adjectives.
Tiger prawn fricassee & correze chestnut in autumn emulsion
tiger prawn fricassee & correze chestnut in autumn emulsion

This was a total waste of wagyu beef. The beef was cooked to death. Granted the beef was very tender that you barely needed to chew it. But all the beef taste was gone. They should have used any cheap meat instead. All I tasted was undistinguished meat and the red wine sauce. The young carrot panache was good though. It was sweet and mousse like.
Braised wagyu beef shoulder & young carrot panache in red wine sauce
braised wagyu beef shoulder & young carrot panache in red wine sauce

The only sure thing with Caprice are their desserts. I have yet to eat a dessert I didn’t like at Caprice. This is another winner. Kudos to their pastry chef.
Hazlenut dacquoise
hazlenut dacquoise

The chocolates and sweets at the end of the meal were not bad at all.
Petit fours
petit fours

I haven’t tried their a la carte menu since we always order their prix fixe lunch menu. But from what I’ve eaten over the years the food is definitely not worth it. You have been warned. Eat at your own risk.

The Four Seasons Hotel
8 Finance Street
Central, Hong Kong, China
telephone: (852) 3196-8888

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