C2 Classic Cuisine

turon ala mode

I said I would return to C2 and I did! The last time I ate at C2 there were only 2 of us and we didn’t get to try much. This time I brought 2 balikbayans and a bunch of natives. My friend Ariel and cousin Sharon were the guests of honor for this scrumptious Filipino lunch.

Rochelle and Ariel in their matching uniform

Left: Rochelle, Ariel a.k.a. Nino, Chris
Right: Db, moi, Sharon

I didn’t eat this dish so I couldn’t comment on it but all since it was wiped out pretty quickly so it must have been good.
sitaw w/ lechon kawali
adobong sitaw w/ lechon kawali

The seafood stew was just average. It didn’t really leave an impact on anyone of us. We finished it though.
Malabon seafood stew
Malabon seafood stew

The tilapia was pretty to look at. Nothing special about it though. I couldn’t even taste the coconut emulsion. 2 pieces of fish for 6 hungry people and there was still left overs. That should tell you the whole story.
seared tilapia in coconut emulsion
seared tilapia in coconut emulsion

The best dish in C2 is their boneless crispy pata either plain or with kare kare. They have the same foundation of crispy pata but with the addition of veggies and sauce for the kare kare. Any way you order it it’s heavenly. I’m not too happy with this picture. To see my ode to their crispy pata check out the pictures here. The skin was very, very crispy and it wasn’t oily. The sauce was quite good too. Everyone who eats at C2 MUST order this!
crispy kare kare
crispy kare kare P640

Ariel loves adobo and he said it was good. Although not as good as Kit’s adobo. That’s already high praise since Kit’s adobo is outrageously good according to Ariel. I have to try that sometime. Hello, Kit?
C2 adobo classic
C2 adobo classic P295

This was the best dilis rice ever! Forget the dilis rice at Fely J. This one rocks! You can actually eat this all by itself and call it a meal. Next time I go back to C2 my order will consist of crispy kare kare, dilis rice and a lot of dessert. Those are the best dishes I’ve tried so far.
dilis rice
dilis rice P95

I loved the desserts at C2. They really give the classic Filipino desserts a nice twist. They don’t turn it into something weird or unrecognizable but they choose the right flavors and combinations to make the dessert even better. Like this biko make with glutinous rice and coconut milk. The addition of barako coffee gave the biko a deep, earthy flavor. Why didn’t anyone think of this before? It’s a perfect match.
biko barako
biko barako P95

I forgot what this dessert was called. I couldn’t find it on the old menu but based on what it tasted like I would call it champorado mousse. The mousse was made from native tsokolate eh and there’s a layer of rice pudding or champorado in the middle. I love the flavor of tsokolate eh in a mousse! Even though some of the rice was hard I didn’t mind. The whole dessert was lick-to-the-last drop good.
champorado mousse? tsokolate eh mousse?

How do you make turon or banana spring rolls extraordinary? Stuff it with ube (purple yam), drizzle it with langka (jackfruit) sauce and serve it with ice cream. Heavenly!!! Note: The first turon they served us had a strong rancid taste. We complained and they replaced it with a fresh order. Great service!
turon ala mode
turon ala mode P145

Even though not all the dishes were that impressive I would bring any balikbayan guests or foreigners or anybody at all to eat at C2 just to try the best crispy pata bar none. I’m sure there are other dishes that merit my tasting but for now I’m happy with the crispy pata and the desserts.

C2 Classic Cuisine Menu (old menu)
vegetables, meat & poultry, rice, seafood, all day merienda, dessert

C2 Classic Cuisine
18 Missouri St., Northeast Greenhills, San Juan
telephone: 726.271

other branches here

3 thoughts on “C2 Classic Cuisine

  1. Kit is now asking when you will have to try his adobo.  He is excited in making it for you. I am a fan of adobo and it will take a lot of fusionizing to make me dislike it.  I actually liked the string beans adobo with lechon kawali.  Pero, the best is the crispy kare kare and the dilis rice.  I cannot stop thinking about them now.


  2. ooohhh… food looks yummy… we should definitely try this place… Mmmm… looking forward to tasting their dilis rice and crispy pata….


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