Chelsea Market and Cafe

After the horrendous dinner at La Régalade we didn’t dare order dessert lest it be another disaster. We decided to go to Chelsea in Serendra where the desserts are fabulous. Warren and I wanted to go for food and not dessert. I only ate 2 slices of bread and a bite of lamb chop at La Régalade.



Every time I go to Chelsea they have different merchandise for sale.

Some Aussie products.

They also have an open kitchen like La Régalade but this kitchen whips up good, satisfying food.

The cakes are Chelsea are all huge and are perfect for sharing. My all time favorite is their carrot cake.


Look at all the food we could have ordered at half the price had we eaten here instead.
Chelsea big plates menu
big plates menu

When you order coffee, jars of Choc-Nut and muscovado sugar are brought to the table. I’d always just eat the Choc-Nut, a local confection made of ground peanuts and chocolate, but the waiter said some people actually use it to sweeten their coffee. I’ll try that with my coffee next time.

Chelsea pizza menu
pizza menu

We decided to have a light snack and ordered the portobello mushroom pizza with asparagus, artichokes & tomato confit. The crust was very thin but a bit soggy in the middle but super crunchy at the end. It was yummy!
roasted portobello mushroom pizza
roasted portobello mushroom pizza 10″-P475, 16″-P775

Chelsea belgian waffles menu
Belgian waffles menu

For dessert everyone agreed to share an order of Belgian waffles. The bacon was super crispy and it was dipped in Nutella. It was strangely good. The waffle had a very nice texture. It was a bit crisp on the outside and very tender on the inside. I didn’t taste any balsamic in the caramel sauce but I appreciated that the sauce wasn’t cloyingly sweet.

Pizza and waffles were the perfect comfort meal to soothe our unhappy stomachs. There wasn’t a Michelin star chef in sight and the food was awesome!
Belgian waffles w/ chocolate dipped bacon, caramelized bananas & balsamic caramel sauce
Belgian waffles w/ chocolate dipped bacon,
caramelized bananas & balsamic caramel sauce P395

Chelsea Market and Cafe
Serendra Piazza
Taguig, Metro Manila
telephone: 909-7011, 901-5817

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