Dinner at Delicious Kitchen Part 1

Thank goodness for people handing out fliers or else we would never have known there was a newly opened branch of Delicious Kitchen in Tsim Sha Tsui. The only branch they ever had was in Causeway Bay in Hong Kong. I’ve only eaten there once a few years ago so I don’t remember it very well. All I know is Delicious Kitchen is a favorite restaurant for Filipino tourists.
Delicious Kitchen

Delicious Kitchen-1

preserved salted mustard greens
preserved salted mustard greens

As we neared the restaurant a guy stood in the entrance and called out “pai kut choi fan (pork rib with veggie rice) popular for over 30 years.” He said it over and over again until we finished dinner. Naturally we had to order it since he said it was their number 1 specialty. The pork rib was actually a large piece of fried pork chop draped over a bowl of hot steaming rice with bok choy. The pork was super tender and juicy but a tad too sweet for my taste. I wish it weren’t as sweet and it would have been perfect. So far the best pork chop for me was the one I had at DinTaiFung in Singapore. This was a close second though.
pork rib w/ veggie rice
pork rib w/ veggie rice HK$38

steamed rice w/ bok choy
steamed rice w/ bok choy

The cold chicken in wine sauce was very good. The chicken soaked up the strong flavor of wine making it taste quite exotic.
chicken in wine sauce
chicken in wine sauce HK$55

We loved the whole fried fish topped with a sweet and sour sauce and pine nuts. The fish was very, very crispy although the sauce was a bit on the sour side. This was a great deal! In other restaurants this dish easily costs double.
yellow fish w/ pine nuts
yellow fish w/ pine nuts HK$68

The double boiled chicken soup with wonton was my favorite dish of all. The soup had a deep and intense chicken flavor from boiling the chicken for a long time.
double boiled chicken soup w/ wonton in casserole
double boiled chicken soup w/ wonton in casserole HK$65

I also loved the wonton which looked more like dumplings. The skin was very al dente and the filling was super delicious. No wonder since it had pieces of salty ham in it. There were 6 wontons in the casserole. Because of these dumplings we went back to Delicious Kitchen a second time. Watch out for what we ordered the next time.
wonton or dumpling

Delicious Kitchen indeed serves delicious food at a very affordable price. There is so much more to the restaurant than their pork chop w/ veggie rice. There so many other things in the menu that I can’t wait to try.

cold platter/delicate dishes/soup,
soup/rice w/ veggetables/noodles in soup
braised noodles/bean curd/meat, seafood/sauteed delicate dishes
fried noodles/nian guo/fried rice/desserts/beverages, combos
set menus (English), set menus (Chinese)

Delicious Kitchen
G/F 20-20A Ashley Road
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
telephone: +852-2314-4868, 2314-2468

Shop B, G/F, 9-11 Cleveland Street, 
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
telephone: +852-2577-7720, 2577-8350.

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