Fling Frozen Yogurt and more Tagaytay pictures

After lunch at Antonio’s and shopping at Bag of Beans we went to Taal Vista Hotel to take the prerequisite photos with the Taal volcano as a backdrop. Parking at the hotel for those who don’t eat or stay there was P100 but with some chutzpah I got our parking stub validated at the restaurant. Shhh don’t tell the owners.
Taal volcano from Taal Vista Hotel
Taal volcano

Taal volcano from Taal Vista Hotel

I wanted to show Mila Cliffhouse which houses a number of restaurants and has a great view of Taal volcano. The first time I went to Cliffhouse was at night. I was so impressed with the ambiance. Paired with the cool evening breeze I felt I was in another country. It doesn’t look as beautiful during the day but it was still impressive.

We got lost looking for Cliffhouse so here’s some directions on how to get there. From the Tagaytay rotunda, turn right and drive past Antonio’s Grill, Carlos Pizza. It will be on that side of the street. By the way, Antonio’s Grill is definitely not Antonio’s nor is connected in any way.
Cliffhouse Tagaytay

Cliffhouse Tagaytay-2

Cliffhouse Tagaytay-1

Cliffhouse Tagaytay-3

Cliffhouse Tagaytay-4

Cliffhouse Tagaytay-5

Even the entrance to the bathroom was nicely decorated.
Cliffhouse Tagaytay-8

Only Jane had decent pictures. Mila and I had hair all over the place due to the breeze. Frightening.
Cliffhouse Tagaytay-6

Cliffhouse Tagaytay-7

Even though we were still so full from lunch we couldn’t resist trying out another brand of frozen yogurt called Fling. Among all the frozen yogurt brands I’ve tried Fling has the most sour taste. It’s as sour as Pinkberry in the US. It was too sour for my taste.
Fling frozen yogurt-1

Fling frozen yogurt-2

Fling frozen yogurt

Fling frozen yogurt-6

Fling frozen yogurt-4

Fling frozen yogurt-5

I had the small yogurt with apple pie filling. The filling was good but a bit sour too.
Fling frozen yogurt-7
small yogurt P85 + 25 per topping

Fling frozen yogurt-8
Mila’s yogurt w/ strawberries

Fling frozen yogurt-9
Jane’s plain yogurt

On the way back to Manila we stopped to buy some fruits from one of the numerous fruit stands lining the street. I took pictures of tropical fruits that are abundant in the Philippines.
langka or jackfruit

langka or jackfruit
langka or jackfruit



inside a mangosteen

guyabano or soursop
guyabano or soursop

Tagaytay fruits-6

General Emilio Aguinaldo highway,
Maharlika East, Tagaytay City
Fling Frozen Yogurt
Cliffhouse Tagaytay

6 thoughts on “Fling Frozen Yogurt and more Tagaytay pictures

  1. I love Cliffhouse! It looks sushal and has a great view of Taal Lake. Went there two weeks ago, tried Cafe Platito but didn’t like the food much. Can’t wait to try Buon Giorno, hope the food fares better than Cafe Platito’s.:)


  2. I’ve backtracked your Tagaytay posts for my trip in Tagaytay and it was helpful! It just saddened me to find out the Fling Frozen Yogurt finally closed shop. :(Aside: I found out that Antonio’s Grill is actually one of TonyBoy’s restaurants. It’s also included in Antonio’s Restaurants website. I saw a lot of blog posts about it and they all said it’s good. I’ll try it later. 🙂


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