Taipei Day 1 – Shilin Night Market

After dropping our luggage at Hsuan Mei Hotel we headed to Shilin Night Market. my cousin Benjie was kind enough to drive us there even though he wasn’t very familiar with the place. Benjie stayed in the car with his daughter who was sleeping so he just told us where to go.
Shilin Night Market-1

We were quite disappointed with the small market. We later found out that we didn’t even enter the Taiwan’s biggest night market. We just went to the outer fringes of the market. No wonder! Anyway here are pictures of what we saw and ate in Shilin Night Market.

To my delight the first thing I saw were these grilled Taiwan sausages. They’re a very popular delicacy in Taiwan. These yummy sausages were slightly sweet and garlicky. 8 pieces cost NT$50. 
Taiwan sausage
Taiwan sausages
Taiwan sausage

There were several stalls with games and prizes just like in a fair.  The market had a mix of stores selling clothes, underwear, toys and novelty items. And of course there were the numerous food stalls.
Shilin Night Market-4

Shilin Night Market-5

Frog eggs? Wow! I wonder what they taste like?
frog eggs

Indian food anyone?
Indian food


There were all kinds of sausages and hotdogs available.



waffle dog
waffle dogs

corn dogs
corn dogs
corn dogs

For dinner I had a takoyaki ball. Not an ordinary takoyaki ball but 1 giant takoyaki ball.
giant takoyaki balls

These were all the ingredients used in the takoyaki ball.
giant takoyaki balls

It was the size of a baseball and costs NT$50 or P72 or US$1.55.
giant takoyaki balls

giant takoyaki balls
giant takoyaki ball

There was this interesting stall and we just stood and watched and tried to figure out what they were selling.  You choose the veggies and fruits you want then they put it in a bowl and added spices and sauces and tossed it.
Shilin Night Market-17

This stall was selling fried milk. I wonder what’s in the cubes of milk.
Shilin Night Market-21

fish balls
squid balls

fresh fruit shake
fruit shakes

We were immediately attracted to this stall selling fresh cut-up fruits. The colors were gorgeous. The lady kept giving us samples of fruits to try. They were all so sweet!
fresh fruits

We bought some guava, plums and strawberries. The fruit were placed in a plastic cup. When the lady told us the price we all yelled in unison, “what?!?” Each cup of fruit cost NT$100 or P142 or US$3. A cup of fruit contained 6 strawberries, 1 guava and a few pickled hawthorn. It was highway robbery!!! Let it be a lesson learnt. Ask the price before buying!
fresh fruits

fresh fruits

fresh fruits

fresh fruits
pickled hawthorn berries

The mangoes were yucky nothing like the sweet Philippine mangoes.
fresh fruits

2 thoughts on “Taipei Day 1 – Shilin Night Market

  1. gosh, i miss this place! been there in 2006…you should have explored more…the area is big…marami pa sa looban…i miss the sight and sound of Shilin and especially the smell (food!)


  2. quite ignorant to exclaim high way robbery isnt it? fresh fruit is generally more expensive relatively to cooked food with exception of 3rd world countries that rip off farmers and have cheap laborers. there is no lesson for you to learn except basic world economics. meanwhile you can get stick to your 2000USD gpd country for your cheap fruits


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