Kitchen’s Best Home Patisserie

When I received an invitation to partake of a dessert buffet it didn’t take me 5 seconds to reply a big YES!

I must confess I wasn’t aware that Kitchen’s Best Home Patisserie had a store in the Fort. I only knew the brand from the days I was in the bazaar scene and would often see them there. I also remembered that they had good desserts and I would definitely want to try them again.
Kitchen's Best Home Patisserie

Kitchen's Best Home Patisserie -001

To celebrate their anniversary Kitchen’s Best had a scrumptious dessert buffet spread that cost only P250 for non-guests. I invited Rochelle and her son to join me. If they decide to make this buffet a regular thing they can charge much more and I guarantee they will be swarmed with dessert lovers like us.
Kitchen's Best Home Patisserie -002

Kitchen's Best Home Patisserie -003


I really tried my best to try all the sweet treats and I thought I could do it since most of the goodies were presented as small bites. Let me tell you now I probably got to try only half of the tempting treats on the table.

Naturally i tried all the chocolate ones first like all these bars below. Everything was good but I had my favorites.
Kitchen's Best Home Patisserie bars
assorted bars

Among all the chocolate bars and small cakes my hands down favorite was the plaisir sucre. I just loved the crunchy texture of the hazelnut dacquoise and the smooth creamy chocolate filling. It’s everything I want in a cake – texture and flavor.
plaisir sucre
plaisir sucre

My next favorite green tea panna cotta. Since I love anything green tea this was actually the first thing I tried. I was delighted that it passed my rather stringent test for matcha desserts. The flavor was strong without being overwhelming. Even the red beans were a pleasant addition to the creamy panna cotta.
green tea panna cotta
green tea panna cotta


parmesan sticks
parmesan sticks

almond brittle
almond brittle

kitchen's best-001
carrot, snickers cheesecakes

chocolate & mango tartlettes
chocolate & mango tartlettes

My next loves were all their sansrivals. Asides from the ube and frozen brazo there were also coffee toffee and mango sansrivals. All unique varieties of sansrivals.

The meringue layers were light and crunchy and the buttercream fillings were very flavorful without being too sweet. Of the four varieties my favorites were the ube (purple yam) and coffee toffee.
ube sansrival
ube sansrival or purple yam cake

Understandably the meringue layer of the brazo and mango sansrivals weren’t as crunchy due to to the nature of the fillings.
frozen brazo sansrival
frozen brazo sansrival

Kitchen's Best Home Patisserie -004
my chocolate plate – plaisir sucre, glutton’s cake, opera cake, caramel walnut and chocolate obsession

I liked their macaron. Nice crunchy, chewy shell and good flavored filling but just a tad too sweet for me. Rochelle and I both adored their sweet, salty parmesan sticks.
Kitchen's Best Home Patisserie -005
parmesan sticks, macaron,tarte citron meringue

My messy, melted plate which was my favorite among all three plates.
Kitchen's Best Home Patisserie -006
frozen brazo sansrival, mango sansrival, coffee toffee sansrival, ube sansrival, peanut butter bar, almond brittle and snickers cheesecake

After gorging on all those cakes I immediately bought a whole coffee toffee sansrival for my cousin Sidney who was visiting from Los Angeles. That’s how much I was impressed with their sansrival.
Kitchen's Best Home Patisserie's coffee toffee sansrival P650 (5x7)
coffee toffee sansrival P650 (5×7)

Just look at how thick and airy is the meringue layer. I usually scrape out the excess butttercream but with this I ate it all. I really liked the coffee flavored buttercream with all the gooey crunchy toffee candy. I’m adding this to my list of favorite sansrivals in Manila.
Kitchen's Best Home Patisserie's coffee toffee sansrival

One of these days I want to try their food. I’ll order a croque monsieur sandwich or beef belly and a slice of plasir sucre or purple yam cake.

Kitchen's Best Home Patisserie menu Kitchen's Best Home Patisserie breakfast menu

Kitchen’s best menu (click to enlarge)

I’m really happy to get reacquainted with Kitchen’s Best Home Patisserie. I now have a new source for cakes to bring to a party or as a gift to friends with birthdays.

Kitchen’s Best Home Patisserie
McKinley Park Residences
3rd Avenue and 31st Street
1201 Fort Bonifacio
telephone: 478-4870

7 thoughts on “Kitchen’s Best Home Patisserie

  1. i was once a customer of kitchens best, especially during their bazaar days. But something put me off and i stopped buying from them. the owner is one snooty woman. once my sister and i were inside their old store (behind terry’s) and she was just looking at us the whole time (and this wasnt a friendly look). from then on we vowed never to spend a single cent at kitchens best. i heard similar stories from acquaintances and their friends about the snootiness of this woman (and her sisters?) and theyve also been put off by this


  2. hi leslie i love kitchen’s best’s turtle pie! 🙂 I have been buying it regularly since i discovered it. i also loved the Cake 2 Go’s version ever since you wrote about it. Keep the foodie discoveries coming. love your posts! ❤


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