Shanghai Dumpling at Taipei 101

steamed juicy Shanghai dumplings
With all those options in Taipei 101’s fast food we unanimously chose to eat lunch at Shanhai Dumpling. It was one of the few small restaurants with their own seating at the huge food court. 

Shanghai Dumpling at Taipei 101

Shanghai Dumpling at Taipei 101-2

Shanghai Dumpling at Taipei 101-5

We were curious to know if the soupy Shanghai dumplings or xiao long bao were good. Shanghai Dumpling at Taipei 101-3

The dumplings were just ok. Nothing special.
steamed juicy Shanghai dumplings
steamed juicy Shanghai dumplings NT$100

The eggplant with beef was actually good.
Shanghai beef fillet w/ eggplant
Shanghai beef fillet w/ eggplant NT$180

sauteed seasonal vegetables
sauteed seasonal vegetables NT$90

This pancake roll tasted like Peking duck with beef instead of duck.
pancake roll w/ beef
pancake roll w/ beef NT$130

The fried man tao in Choi Garden was much better than this.
pan fried buns w/ condensed milk
pan fried buns w/ condensed milk NT$40

Shanghai Dumpling at Taipei 101-16
the bill for 3

Shanghai Dumpling at Taipei 101-10

Shanghai Dumpling at Taipei 101-4

Shanghai Dumpling at Taipei 101-6

Shanghai Dumpling at Taipei 101-7

Shanghai Dumpling at Taipei 101-8

Shanghai Dumpling at Taipei 101-9

After lunch I took a walk around the mall. I didn’t shop because all the stores in Taipei 101 were super high end luxurious brands. Name the designer brand and it’s there.

Tickets to go up to the 89th floor viewing deck cost NT$350 for adults and NT$320 for children under 12.
Taipei 101-13

This was at the 6th floor on the mall. I liked the art deco-ish decor and lots of details in the ceiling and walls.
Taipei 101-2

Taipei 101-1

Taipei 101-3

Behind the green glass is Page One bookstore where I bought really nice and cheap Chinese cookbooks in English.
Taipei 101-4

Taipei 101-6

Taipei 101-8

Taipei 101-10

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