Lunch at Wasabi at Taipei 101

While walking around Taipei 101 the day before we noticed the long lines in front of Wasabi. We took a look at the food and immediately made reservations for lunch. We made sure we were hungry when we conquered Wasabi. Weekday lunch buffet cost NT$648 or P922 or US$20. Buffet included a wide, wide arrayContinue reading “Lunch at Wasabi at Taipei 101”

Dinner at Tapei 101’s food court

I can’t believe we stayed an entire day in Taipei 101’s mall considering I didn’t do any shopping in the super high end stores. We decided to eat an early dinner at the food court before going back to the hotel. This outlet specialized in oyster pancakes and they had several combination sets that includedContinue reading “Dinner at Tapei 101’s food court”

Shanghai Dumpling at Taipei 101

With all those options in Taipei 101’s fast food we unanimously chose to eat lunch at Shanhai Dumpling. It was one of the few small restaurants with their own seating at the huge food court.¬† We were curious to know if the soupy Shanghai dumplings or xiao long bao were good. The dumplings were justContinue reading “Shanghai Dumpling at Taipei 101”

Fast Food at Taipei 101

Taipei 101 is the one of the most popular landmark and tourist destination in Taiwan. The building has 101 floors above ground and 5 floors underground. There’s a multi-level super high end shopping mall and a big food court and a supermarket inside. There were also full service restaurants on the upper levels. We arrivedContinue reading “Fast Food at Taipei 101”