Shopping Malls in Taipei

shopping in Taipei
After lunch at Wasabi in Taipei 101 we walked around the area filled with shopping malls. From Taipei 101 we crossed a walkway that connected to New York New York mall which housed Muji and

Daiso, our favorite Japanese stores. This is just one of the many malls in the Xinyi district which is a very beautiful upscale shopping area in the heart of Taipei..

shopping in Taipei-1

shopping in Taipei-2

We walked pass by Viewshow cinemas which housed 17 movie screens and several dining options.
shopping in Taipei-3

We did a little shopping at Shin Kong Mitsukoshi an upscale Japanese department store chain. It was quite confusing since the store was split into 4 buildings called A4, A8, A9 and A11 which housed the ladies, mens, houseware in separate buildings. Beautiful but confusing.
shopping in Taipei-5

I don’t know what this building is but it reminded me of New York city.
shopping in Taipei-6

shopping in Taipei-7
Shin Kong Mitsukoshi
shopping in Taipei-8

I loved the mini park in the middle of the steel jungle.
shopping in Taipei-9

shopping in Taipei-10

shopping in Taipei-11

We had a little snack at Mr. Brown coffee, a very popular coffee chain in Taiwan, located inside Mitsukoshi.
shopping in Taipei-12

Both desserts were very good but I can’t say the same for the weak, bland coffee.
shopping in Taipei-13

shopping in Taipei-14

shopping in Taipei-16

shopping in Taipei-18

We didn’t have time to visit Eslite bookstore which spanned 7 floors and was open for 24 hours. We wanted to come back to this area for a more shopping but we didn’t have enough time. It was really a great place to shop if you’re in Taipei.
shopping in Taipei-19

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