Lunch at Wasabi at Taipei 101

Wasabi restaurant-18

While walking around Taipei 101 the day before we noticed the long lines in front of Wasabi. We took a look at the food and immediately made reservations for lunch. We made sure we were hungry when we conquered Wasabi.

Wasabi restaurant

Wasabi restaurant-1

Weekday lunch buffet cost NT$648 or P922 or US$20. Buffet included a wide, wide array of beverages from sodas, juice, green tea milk to coffee and tea.
Wasabi restaurant-2

I was only able to take a few pictures of the  buffet when they stopped me. The sushi and sashimi bar was laid out on a long table. If you just took a piece each you would be stuffed to the max.
Wasabi restaurant-4

Wasabi restaurant-3i

Wasabi restaurant-6

Wasabi restaurant-7

Wasabi restaurant-8

Wasabi restaurant-9
3 kinds of steamed rice – salmon, mushroom and something I forgot

Wasabi restaurant-5

Wasabi restaurant-12
beverage station

There were so many drinks to choose from but I knew what I wanted. I got the green tea milk. As strange as that sounds it was good! Much better than Starbucks’ green tea latte.
Wasabi restaurant-13

I took pictures of everyone’s plates instead. We didn’t get to eat everything on the buffet but we did out best to try most of the excellent food.
Wasabi restaurant-19

Each station had a different color of small plate that you put on a tray. I liked this style of plating. Food with sauce don’t spill on to other food. And it just looks prettier.
Wasabi restaurant-10

Wasabi restaurant-11

Wasabi restaurant-14

Wasabi restaurant-15

Wasabi restaurant-16
grilled mushroom, beef and fish balls

Wasabi restaurant-17
cold fish and roasted super sweet potatoes

Wasabi restaurant-18
the sweetest and crispest corn ever!

Wasabi restaurant-20
assortment of mochi (glutinous rice flour) desserts

Wasabi restaurant-22

Wasabi restaurant-23
green tea mousse and fruits

Wasabi restaurant-24

Wasabi restaurant-25

Wasabi restaurant-26

The food was very good and there was a big selection to choose from. It was worth every dollar. So if you’re in Taipei try the Japanese buffet at Wasabi for a change.


Taipei 101 Mall 4F
45, ShiZheng Rd.
(02) 8101-8166
Hours:11 am-10 pm

2 thoughts on “Lunch at Wasabi at Taipei 101

  1. While I’m appreciative of your effort and suggestion, I can’t agree with your assessment. I had dinner at Wasabi last night and found the food below average. To top it off, I saw tour groups dining there. I guess perhaps the standard had dropped or the good chefs had left. I tried the Jap buffet at Shin Ye a few nights before and it was actually much better. No offence, pls.


  2. No offence taken Joe! 🙂 When we ate there there weren’t any tour groups. You’re probably right maybe they changed chefs. Thanks for visiting my blog!


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