Taipei Underground Market

My cousin Angie took us to an interesting underground shopping mall in Taipei. We accessed the through the Taipei Railway Station.
Taipei underground shopping

Taipei underground shopping-1

There were lots and lots of eateries, clothing and electronics stores.
Taipei underground shopping-5

Most of the stores catered to the young to teen crowd.
Taipei underground shopping-3

Taipei underground shopping-4

Angie’s cute son Daniel with his new toy cars.
Taipei underground shopping-2

We didn’t understand why these teens enjoyed sitting in the mall and playing their Nintendo DS games. Camaraderie? Free air-conditioning?
Taipei underground shopping-6

I went to the ladies room and saw this. I knew they were cosplayers. For more information on cosplay click here. All I know about cosplay is teens getting into their favorite anime costumes. For what reason I don’t understand.
Cosplay Taiwan-1

Rochelle and the others didn’t know anything about cosplay so they were shocked and amused to see these cosplayers in action. I had to explain the concept to them and tell them that this was also present in Manila.
Cosplay Taiwan-2

Cosplay Taiwan-7

Cosplay Taiwan-6

This looks kinda scary and too real!
Cosplay Taiwan-3

Cosplay Taiwan-4

Cosplay Taiwan-5

Cosplay Taiwan-8

cross dressing cosplayer?
Cosplay Taiwan-9

Cosplay Taiwan-10

The Maiden Diner fits perfectly in the mall. The cosplayers will feel at home in this maid cafe.
Maiden Diner

The servers were dressed like maids. In what universe do maids dress like this? In fantasy land I guess.
Maiden Diner-1

The ‘maid’ came out to tell me I can’t take pictures. Sorry too late!
Maiden Diner-2

3 thoughts on “Taipei Underground Market

  1. i love Taipei!  it was my first time but it was easy to get everywhere because of their extensive network of Metro Rail…halos lahat nasa blog mo, napuntahan ko na rin…nakarating pa ako sa Taipei Zoo and the scenic Maokong Gondola…salamat sa Metro Rail…halos lahat ng sulok ng Tourist Spots doon ay reachable ng tren..


  2. in maid cafes, maids are very protected as the owners of the restaurant fear that the outrage of modesty of their maids (since most of their clientle pie is made up of Otakus aka geeks), and some Otakus are very very persistent when it comes to certain things.but if you ask nicely for permission to take pictures with the meidos(maids), it can be done ^^


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