Golden Bay Fresh Seafood Restaurant Revisited

gold chopsticks
The last time I went to Golden Bay was almost a year ago on it’s opening day. I commented that the service was horribly slow due to first day glitches which was to be expected. The food wasn’t that great either. I was surprised by the number of comments that post garnered. Funny but a lot of comments were from the restaurant’s cooks and waiters. Well, I don’t know how true that was.


We went back to Golden Bay because my dad’s long time friend lived nearby and he couldn’t travel far.We treated another friend, Ernie who came all the way from Las Vegas.

One thing that made me happy was the service. There was a very big party on the main floor of the restaurant with hundreds of people. Despite that our food came out very fast. Now about the food. Did it improve? Yes it did! But sad to say it was mediocre at best. Everything was edible but nothing was fantastic. Sorry to say but the food couldn’t hold a candle to Choi Garden or Peking Garden.
cold cuts
cold cuts

hot shrimp & chicken salad
hot shrimp & chicken salad

double boiled chicken soup
double boiled chicken soup

steamed lapu lapu
steamed lapu lapu

sea cucumber
sea cucumber

The fried rice was the worst dish for the night. It didn’t have any taste or flavor. I had to douse it liberally with soy sauce.
fried rice
fried rice

seafood noodles
seafood noodles
seafood noodles-1


The waiter gave us 2 kinds of menus. One was this huge hard bound menu with gorgeous pictures.
Golden Bay big menu

These are some of the sample pages of the menu. One would have a hard time ordering from this menu because everything looked mouthwatering. The other menu was a cheap paper menu printed and stuffed in a plastic folder. I asked the waiter why they had two menus when the pretty picture book would suffice. The waiter said the nice menu was printed in China and was full of errors. After he told me that I saw the errors. It wasn’t simple wrong spelling but actually wrong information! What a waste for the owners of the restaurant.
Golden Bay big menu-2

Golden Bay big menu-1

Golden Bay big menu-3

So here’s the correct and updated menu for your perusal.

Golden Bay Restaurant menu
abalone & sea cucumber, shark’s fin, chef’s recommendation,
HK bbq, soup, poultry & meat, vegetables, rice & noodles, dimsum, drinks
dinner 3 treasures, shark’s fin/abalone set, super value sets, set lunch, alcoholic beverages

Golden Bay Fresh Seafood Restaurant
Lots 3 & 4 Super Block A
Pres. Diosdado Macapagal Blvd.
Pasay City
telephone: 556-7525; 994-2959
to the readers: I do not work for Golden Bay restaurant so please don’t ask me for reservations or jobs. 🙂 

3 thoughts on “Golden Bay Fresh Seafood Restaurant Revisited

  1. hi. ask ko lang kung magkano kapag 2 persons lang kami kakain? yung bf ko kasi graduation and gusto siya dalhin dito sa golden bay… how much dadalhin kong money good for 2? plus yung parents niya? so, 4 kami? magkano if ever? pls rep.


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