Dinner at Shantung

Shantung's fried crispy chicken

You would think that lunch at C’ Italian Dining was it for the day. Nooo…! After lunch we did some shopping at Puregold in Clark then at the outlet stores of Adidas and Nike. My dear friends, tired from all that shopping had Razon’s halo halo for merienda. It was late in the afternoon when we started our trip back to Manila. We got caught in rush hour traffic so what else could we do but stop for dinner. Deb suggested Shantung, a Chinese restaurant in West Avenue, Quezon City that’s been around for ages.



Shantung is not going to win any awards for interior design but it’s definitely the place to go for cheap but decent Chinese food. Some dishes were really, really good while some were quite disappointing. It was just like home cooking. That is if you have a Chinese chef who has hits and misses.

My favorite was the Chinese style fried chicken. I liked the way they cut the chicken into small pieces so there was more crispy surface. It was simply spiced and that was the beauty of the dish.
Shantung's fried crispy chicken
fried crispy chicken P180

I also loved the fried dumplings. It wasn’t fried like gyoza but in their own unique way 10 dumplings became 1 giant dumpling. It was crisp and the pork filling was juicy.
fried dumplings
fried dumplings P105

I skipped the soup because it was too spicy for me. The others liked it though.
hot & sour soup
hot & sour soup

The beef didn’t make an impression on me.
beef stew in hotpot
beef stew in hotpot P190

Everyone loved the ampalaya!
ampalaya (bittergourd) with shrimp P210

The worst dish was the sweet and sour pork. It wasn’t crunchy at all. It was just plain sweet pork. This was the only dish we didn’t finish.
sweet & sour pork
sweet & sour pork P145

The shrimp balls were not bad at all.
fried shrimp balls
fried shrimp balls P260



They had a very extensive menu with many, many more dishes to choose from. I heard their pata tim was good too. I want more dumplings!!! 

Shantung’s menu
cold dishes, noodles & beancurd, pork, chicken, beef, vegetables,
shrimp, seafood & fish, crab & rice, dessert & beverages,

Shantung Restaurant
96 West Avenue , Quezon City
Tel: 928-4409

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