Dinner at Level III

bistro fries w/ parmesan & parsely
After a whole day of walking and eating I was tired and full and that called for a short nap. My nap was cut short when I had to meet Ariel and Kit for a light dinner before watching a concert featuring Wang Chung. If you don’t know who they are then you’re too young to know this 80s new wave group.

Kit and Ariel chose to have drinks and light snacks at Level III located at the 3rd floor of JW Marriott where I stayed for a night. I was just happy that it was so near Villa Florence where I was staying. I couldn’t walk any farther.
Level III

Level III is actually a restaurant, lounge and bar depending on the time of day.
Level III-1

Level III-2

Kit did all the ordering and I didn’t know how he did it but he ordered all my favorites. All the things I haven’t eaten in 3 weeks because of my no carb diet.
caesar salad
Caesar salad $8

The mac and cheese was made of Gruyere, Mascarpone and Parmesan-Reggiano cheeses. Wow!!!
mac and cheese
mac and cheese $9

My favorite were these crab cake sliders. Why? It’s fried, it had chunks of crab and the spicy remoulade brought it all together for a burger like no other. I’d gladly swap my beef burger for these crab cakes anytime. Well not all the time. I’ll miss my beef.
dungeness crab cake slider
dungeness crab cakes sliders $13

The fries look yummy in the pic right? But it was just so-so. I only ate the fries with Parmesan cheese.
bistro fries w/ parmesan & parsely
bistro fries w/ Parmesan and parsely $7

Level III menu 
 Level III’s menu

As much as I wanted to watch Wang Chung and relive my youth I was just too tired and cold to go with them. I went back to the hotel and turned on the heater and slept like a log. What a day!

Level III
JW Marriott San Francisco
500 Post Street @ Mason(third floor)
San Francisco, CA 94102
telephone:(415) 929-2087

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