Lunch at Peking Restaurant, Williamsburg VA

Peking Restaurant
By this time I have been in the US for almost 3 weeks. Not once did I look for Chinese food. I’ve tried Chinese food in Virginia/DC before and honestly it wasn’t worth it. After checking in at Residence Inn it was already 2:00 pm and we were ravenous. We wanted food fast and plenty and so we went to Peking Restaurant.

Peking Restaurant

This Chinese restaurant was also a Mongolian and Japanese restaurant. Immediately I had my doubts. It’s never good when a restaurant is so diversified.  On the other hand they’ve been open since 1988 and that’s quite a long time in the restaurant industry.
Peking Restaurant  4

Well, they had a lot of awards and recognition.
awards & recognition

What! $7.99 for buffet? I was already imagining Panda Express quality food. (Panda Express is a Chinese fast food establishment in the US.)
Peking Restaurant 1

Sorry for this blurry picture. My camera must have been in the wrong setting or I was just really shaking from hunger. I still posted it though to give you an idea of the nice decor of the place.
Peking Restaurant 2

Peking Restaurant 3

They had a giant griddle for cooking the Mongolian barbecue. There was a lot of meat, veggies, fruits, sauces and spices to choose from. I skipped this part.
Mongolian BBQ

The buffet selections began with the rice table. Imagine 4 kinds of rice to choose from. I started to feel giddy.
rice seletction

So much soup!
Peking Restaurant 5

The buffet was very, very long. What I liked about it was the portions were small so you know that these are replenished often and hopefully cooked fresh.
long buffet

I only took pictures of some of the food. There were too many choices and I was already excited to eat.
clams in black bean sauce
clams in black bean sauce

giant clams
giant clams

baked salmon
baked salmon

fried tofu
fried tofu

chicken dishes
chicken dishes

chicken teriyaki
chicken teriyaki

beef teriyaiki
beef teriyaki


They even had a sushi conveyor.
sushi train
sushi train

The sushi were all new to me. Boston roll, fruit maki, fried banana roll, OMG roll and many more. My favorite was the OMG roll. I really did say OMG after a bite.
unique sushi

I was pleasantly surprised with their food. It was actually good. Some more than others. But with the wide variety of choices you are sure to find something great. For me my favorite was the baked seafood in a shell. It was creamy, cheesy and filled with all kinds of chopped seafood. I ate 2 of those. The beef and chicken dishes were also good.
Peking Restaurant

There were plenty of dessert options like almond jelly, gelatin, fresh fruit. But Erin and I chose to have brownie a la mode. And it was yummy!
brownie a la mode

For $7.99 you can get a cold deli sandwich or a burger or even a pizza and a drink. At Peking restaurant $7.99 you get food that’s well cooked, hot, flavorful and you can eat as much as your tummy can hold. Going to Peking restaurant is really a no-brainer. If you’re in Williamsburg, Virginia a trip to Peking restaurant is a MUST. Consider it part of your tour along with Colonial Williamsburg, Busch Gardens and Prime Outets.

120 Waller Mill Road,Wiliamsburg VA 23185 USA

telephone: (757) 229 – 2288

Lunch $7.99
Dinner $11.99
7 Days a Week
Taste of Thai service begin at 4:30pm to 8:30pm

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