Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg-1
We had to walk after our heavy and yummy lunch and what better place to do that than at Colonial Williamsburg which was one of the top tourist attractions in Virginia.

There was a guided tour you can join but we decided to walk around ourselves.
Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg is all about the sights and sounds of the 18th century.

Experience life as it was in our nation’s yesterdays. Explore the homes and buildings where men like Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Patrick Henry inspired the fight for independence.
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Colonial Williamsburg-4

All the performers were in costume and always in character.
Colonial Williamsburg-3

Colonial Williamsburg-6
colonial garden & nursery
Colonial Williamsburg-7

Colonial Williamsburg-8

Colonial Williamsburg-9

Colonial Williamsburg-5
Bruton Parish Church
Colonial Williamsburg-11

Colonial Williamsburg-12

Colonial Williamsburg-13

Ethan was hot and bored.
Colonial Williamsburg-14

Colonial Williamsburg-15

Colonial Williamsburg-16

Colonial Williamsburg-17
off with their heads!

Want some refreshments? Drinks and snacks were sold here.
Colonial Williamsburg-19

Colonial Williamsburg-20

Colonial Williamsburg-18
carriage ride anyone?

Colonial Williamsburg-21

One of the most popular places was the Market Square where they sold replicas of merchandise from the 18th century.
Colonial Williamsburg-22

These were the toys kids played with before. There were no ds, ps3, iPhone, etc. Just imagination and fun.
Colonial Williamsburg-23

Colonial Williamsburg-24

Colonial Williamsburg-26

Colonial Williamsburg-28

Colonial Williamsburg-30

Erin reminded me of Laura Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie. Of course she had no idea what that was when we told her.
Colonial Williamsburg-31

Colonial Williamsburg-33

This was the Merchants Square which had over 40 shops and services.
Colonial Williamsburg-35

Colonial Williamsburg was a pretty place to visit specially if you’re a history buff.

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