Philippine Airlines Meals Mnl-Tpe-Mnl

Philippine Airlines Economy Meal Mnl-Tpe-Mnl-001
Last March I went to Taipei to attend a business convention. I took Philippine Airlines economy class and these were the meals on my flight.

Can you believe this was for breakfast? Since there was no menu I don’t know what the meal was called. The chicken breast (yehey) was cooked in a mild curry, coconut sauce that was absolutely divine. The chicken was surprisingly tender and moist and I super loved the sauce. It was sooooo hard not to eat the rice with the sauce. There was also scrambled eggs, mushroom & a tomato wedge included. I packed the ensaymada in my bag as pasalubong for my niece in Taipei.
Philippine Airlines Economy Meal Mnl-Tpe-Mnl

I spotted this water dispenser at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.
water dispenser at Taipei airport

water dispenser at Taipei airport-001

water dispenser at Taipei airport-002

On my return trip to Manila this is what greeted me as I entered the plane. Was my flight invaded?
Philippine Airlines Economy Meal Mnl-Tpe-Mnl-005

For dinner I had chicken with brown sauce and beans. For dessert a yummy pudding made with sago and coconut milk and red beans. I always maintain that the food out of Manila tastes always better than the return flight.
Philippine Airlines Economy Meal Mnl-Tpe-Mnl-006

The chicken was quite good too but somehow it seemed a smaller portion than the chicken at breakfast. I was still hungry after eating the chicken and veggies sans beans.
Philippine Airlines Economy Meal Mnl-Tpe-Mnl-007

Finally the food in PAL’s economy class has improved so much unlike the disastrous breakfast on my flight to Taipei in 2010.

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