Queso de Bola Cheesecake and Creme Brulee Cake

Dessert du Jour's queso de bola cheesecake
My mom loves cheesecake and since it’s her birthday today I gave her one of the best and most unique cheesecakes I’ve ever eaten.

Happy birthday mom! Thanks for reading my blog every morning as soon as you wake up. Thanks for emailing me my mistakes, missing words or wrong spelling. My mom is the techie of her generation. She’s an expert at texting, has her own email address, facebook account and is an addict at bejeweled. I love you mom! Enjoy your cheesecake! By the way she said she loves the cheesecake! Woohoo.
Dessert du Jour's queso de bola cheesecake-1

I first tried queso de bola cheesecake at Deb’s birthday dinner at her house. One bite and I was hooked.
Dessert du Jour's queso de bola cheesecake-2

This baked cheesecake is not as heavy as your regular New York style cheesecake but it’s definitely more substantial than the dreaded cheesecake with gelatin which I dislike a lot.
Dessert du Jour's queso de bola cheesecake-4
queso de bola cheesecake

What makes this cheesecake so special is the presence of tiny bits of salty queso de bola or Edam cheese.When you take a bite it first tastes sweet then you taste the salty bits of cheese then the finish is sweet again when you end with the muscovado whipped cream.

It is this complex journey of flavors that my taste buds experience that makes this one of the best cheesecakes I’ve ever eaten.

Mara is best known for her Gateau de Crepes in Vanilla, Low Sugar Vanilla, Chocolate and Nutella. I’ve tried them and they’re good too. But her cheesecake is my favorite so far.
Dessert du Jour's queso de bola cheesecake-3

Last Friday I attended a birthday dinner and was introduced to this absolutely decadent Creme Brûlée cake made by Camille Ocampo.
Camille Ocampo's Creme Brulee cake

The cake was made with 2 layers of ultra soft chiffon cake with a thick layer of vanilla whipped cream nestled in between. It was topped with a crunchy sugar layer thus the name. It was a fabulous and welcome change from the usual chocolate cakes.
Camille Ocampo's Creme Brulee cake-3

Yes that’s queso de bola cheesecake right beside the creme brûlée cake. Both cakes were perfect with hot green tea.
Camille Ocampo's Creme Brulee cake-2

Dessert du Jour by Mara de la Rama
Unit 51 Ecology Village, Dasmarinas Village Side, 
Gate 5 Edsa, Makati City
telephone: +63917-8116272 0r +63917-8036272
Mon-Sat: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sun: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
facebook page
Queso de Bola Cheesecake P1,200.00 

Creme Brulee cake by Camille Ocampo
telephone: +63916-7457729

Creme brûlée cake – P700 plain, P800 for the mango version
The cake is also available in aluminum loaf pans. P380 for the plain and P400 for the mango brûlée cake.

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