Truffettes de France

Yes I am a chocoholic. But I don’t eat just any chocolate. It has to be good, dark and preferably orange flavored. I’m not wasting precious calories on ordinary chocolates.

I remember receiving a box of Truffettes de France several years ago from a friend who came from Canada. It was a melted mass of truffles in a gold bag. Nevertheless I patiently hacked it with a knife and enjoyed the smooth and rich chocolate chunks. The next year the same friend managed to bring it home cold and I finally got to try individual pieces of truffles. I fell in love with them even though they were milk chocolate.

Now you don’t have to go abroad to buy Truffettes de France. It’s now in Manila and they have several variants including my favorite truffles with orange peels and chocolate covered orange peel! Trust me these are to die for.

For me the best way to eat these truffles is to take them out of the refrigerator and let it sit in an air-conditioned room for a few minutes until them soften a bit. Pop one in your mouth, close your eyes, let it melt in your tongue and savor the deep rich creamy chocolate flavor. Drink water or coffee and repeat the cycle.

Not Your Ordinary Chocolate

In the heart of the country of Lille, France, there is delicate sugar and chocolate smell rising up… This smell comes directly from CHOCMOD, producing exquisite French Truffles since 1948. Their well known gourmet chocolate Truffettes de France, is not your ordinary confection. The truffle from CHOCMOD is setting up, cutting in the old shape, and finally rolled in the cocoa… The pure dark chocolate ingredient is the main raison d’être for the melt in your mouth experience.

A variety of flavors are available to suit your palate such as Cappuccino, Orange, fine Champagne , Roasted Cocoa Pieces , Mint and the most popular Original Flavor. Adding a fresh zest , new flavors are soon to arrive  such as Pistachio, Coated Walnuts & Coated Orange Peels. These chocolates are sold in individual boxes cooled with gel ice packed and wrapped with an insulated bag to preserve its finest quality. Truffettes de France is indeed a luscious treat for a chocolate connoisseur. Indisputably splendid on the palate, their rich and delicate flavor bewitches one’s discriminating taste. Available in most European and North American countries as well in selected Asian countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan, Truffettes de France has conquered Manila as well. One can experience Truffettes de France at  Truffles De France situated  on Level 2 Shangri-La Plaza Mall, main mall level 2 SM Mall of Asia, Glorietta 4 .

Once you try this product, you will be spoiled for the rest of your life.

Truffles De France
Level 2 Shangri-La Plaza Mall
SM Mall of Asia (main mall level 2)
Glorietta 4

2 thoughts on “Truffettes de France

  1. this is one of my favorites, too! i would bring back boxes and boxes whenever i come home from hk, chill the melted chocolate then hack it into irregular pieces. such a messy indulgence! 


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