Philippine Airlines Food Mnl-Hkg-Mnl Oct. 2010

This was the food on our flight on Philippine Airlines to and from Hong Kong last October 2010. As usual PAL doesn’t fail to deliver one of the best airplane meals in my experience.

Philippine Airlines breakfast menu

My no/low carb diet ended the minute I entered PAL’s lounge and headed straight for the arroz caldo. The downfall continued  in the plane where I had a delicious breakfast of soft, juicy and well marinated tenderloin tapa, garlic rice and the softest, creamiest scrambled eggs which I mixed with my rice. 

Philippine Airlines food Mnl to Hkg breakfast

pork tenderloin tapa
pork tenderloin tapa

They always have my favorite bircher muesli for breakfast. I wish they would skip the mango puree on top because it made the muesli too sweet. No dried figs this time. Just fresh mangoes and sliced almonds.
bircher muesli
bircher muesli

This was the first time I encountered ensaymada in their bread basket. Usually they offered an assortment of croissants, muffins and danish pastries which I always skipped. I was curious to how the ensaymada tasted. Oh my, it was wonderful! It wasn’t as soft nor was it too firm. The texture was perfectly in between. The cheese wasn’t salty or soft and there wasn’t a lot of butter or sugar but somehow I loved it! I asked the flight attendant who supplied it, she said the local airline caterer did. Yum!!!

This was the dinner menu for our flight back home.
Philippine Airlines food-5

I skipped the smoke tuna since I didn’t like the red color. I thought it was Chinese pork asado at first.
smoked tuna w/ spinach sesame salad
smoked tuna w/ spinach sesame salad

I had a rule to never order fish on a plane because it was never fresh or tender since it was stuck in a food warmer for a while it had a tendency to become overcooked and rubbery.
Philippine Airlines dinner Hkg to Mnl

Since there was nothing else I liked and I wasn’t that hungry I took a chance and ordered the grilled sea bass. It was amazingly cooked just right. It was still succulent and juicy. Quite a feat for airline food. The sauce was a coconut based mild Thai curry which was so fragrant and delicious but there wasn’t enough.  I wanted more sauce! The rice was just ok. I didn’t really taste any crab.
grilled sea bass w/ Thai red curry sauce & crab fried rice
grilled sea bass w/ Thai red curry sauce & crab fried rice

Naturally, the opera cake from Bizu was excellent! I love PAL’s food!!!
Bizu's opera cake
Bizu’s opera cake

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