Dinner at Miso Cool

Assorted Mushroom Ramen w soup-1
We discovered this ramen restaurant last October in K11 mall in Tsim Sha Tsui and it’s now one of our favorite places for affordable and delicious ramen.

Miso Cool

Miso Cool-3

Miso Cool-2

Miso Cool-1

This is my mom’s favorite ramen. It had different varieties of fresh mushroom and the broth was a little milky. The bowl of ramen was healthy and vegetarian yet filling. The ramen noodles were very al dente.
Assorted Mushroom Ramen w soup
mushroom w/ assorted organic vegetables ramen w/ soup HK$52

Hokkaido scallops & scrambled eggs on rice
Hokkaido scallops & scrambled eggs on rice HK$52

They really had a good presentation for the shake shake salad. The server gamely paused her shaking of the salad canister so I could take pictures.
Sakura shrimp shake shake salad
Sakura shrimp shake shake salad HK$49

Asides from the usual bacon bits the other topping was dried Sakura shrimp. It really brought a different taste to the rather ordinary salad with soy vinaigrette. The dried shrimps were crisp and a bit salty.
Sakura shrimp shake shake salad
Sakura shrimp shake shake salad
Sakura shrimp shake shake salad-2

Fast forward December and we ate at Miso Cool again. The ribs were really tender and the red wine sauce was really, really good. I wanted to drink the sauce! Sorry for the iPhone photos. I forgot to bring out my camera.
ribs in red wine sauce
ribs in red wine sauce

Last October I ordered their house special pan fried Japanese bbq pork ramen noodles but I forgot to upload the picture. Anyway the picture didn’t look as good as it really was. The pork cubes were dark brown and rather unappetizing but the taste was out of this world good. It was so tender and had a natural sweetness to it. No wonder all the servers’ shirts had ‘pan fried Japanese bbq pork ramen noodles‘ printed on it.

This time they had an additional one page menu with all their new products. I tried the Kurobuta pork ramen noodles which were HK$20 more expensive. I shouldn’t be surprised since in Japan Kurobuta pork is as prized as Kobe beef. Most of the high end restaurants in the US use Kurobuta pork.

If I thought the first pork was good this was even better. It was even more flavorful and tender.  I usually  don’t eat the fat but it didn’t taste like fat at all. Strange but true. Anyway it was pretty lean. I also enjoyed the crisp corn kernels. The canned corn in Manila doesn’t taste as sweet or crunchy as that.
Kurobuta bbq pork ramen
Kurobuta bbq pork ramen HK$72

They also had Hokkaido frozen yogurt and lots of dessert choices but we’re always too full to try any. Maybe next time! Yes there will definitely be a next time.

Miso Cool menu
(not complete since they forbade me to take pics when I was down to the last few pages)

ramen & udon, more ramen,  cold noodles,  rice, more rice, small dishes
new dishes, more new dishes

Miso Cool

shop B231-B233, K11, 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
telephone: +852-3122-4477

Shop SLG8-9A, Sub-lower G/F, Westlands Gardens, 2-10 Westlands Road, Quarry Bay
telephone: +852-2565-1001

1/F, 11 Stanley Street, Central
telephone: +852-2868-3738

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