Sushi at Sumo Sam

sushi @ Sumo Sam
Last August I got together with my college buddies to celebrate (very belatedly) Raymond and Gunn’s birthday.

It was my first time to eat at Sumo Sam’s and I was amazed with their very extensive menu. There were several things I wanted to try but I let the guys do the ordering since it was their treat.
Sumo Sam

Sumo Sam-1

When it comes to burgers, ice cream and frozen yogurt I’m a purist. I don’t like any toppings, sauces or whatnot on them.

But when it comes to sushi the more bastardized it is, the more outrageous the creations, that any Japanese won’t recognize it, is the way I like it.

I  loved the crunchy tempura batter on top of the sushi stuffed with bits of tuna and mayonnaise. Great contrast of textures and flavors.
crunchy tuna roll
crunchy tuna roll P238

The spider roll had very little fried soft shell crab filling. I make this at home and you can see a big piece of crab in each slice. I have to feature that recipe some time.
spider roll
spider roll P258

I don’t remember why but after the sushi we moved to Cyma for dinner. Again I missed out on trying the food. Maybe next time Sumo Sam. 

Sumo Sam menu

Sumo Sam
6th Level, Shangri-la Plaza Mall
Shaw Blvd. cor. EDSA Mandaluyong,
Metro Manila, Philippines
telephone: 637-5704, 910-0388

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