Dinner at Cyma

roka salata-1
After appetizers at Sumo Sam my college buddies and I moved to Cyma for our main meal.

Cyma is one of those restaurants where I know I can always get a good and consistent meal. It’s been around for several years and is still going strong.


The dip was very garlicky and tasted like cream of mushroom soup. It was rich and chunky and quite a heavy appetizer.
spinach & artichoke fondue
spinach & artichoke fondue P350

The corriander crusted seared tuna salad had tons of veggies and full of flavor. Just this dish was more than a full meal in itself.
tonnos salata (tuna salad)
tonnos salata (tuna salad) P660 family size
tonnos salata-1

The roka salata was my favorite dish and it’s something that I order every time I eat at Cyma. I love the contrast of bitter arugula with sweet candied walnuts, tangy vinaigrette and salty Parmesan cheese.
roka salata
roka salata P680 family size

The moussaka was a disappointment. The potato slices  were still hard and the whole dish was very bland.
meatless moussaka
meatless moussaka

The ribs were very tender but the sauce was too sweet. It was better eating the ribs plain.
baby back ribs
baby back ribs P650 half slab

I didn’t eat much of the pasta since the sauce was way too sour for me.
garides mi feta spaghetti (prawn & feta spaghetti)
garides mi feta spaghetti P650 to share
(prawn & feta spaghetti)

The chicken was the best! The meat was tender, juicy and the flavor permeated all the way to the bone.
kotopoulo lemonato (Greek chicken adobo)
kotopoulo lemonato (Greek chicken adobo) P410

I wish I saw my college friends more often. I’m so proud of Monet who’s the producer of the new hit tv show on photography, Two Stops Over. And there’s Gunn the man behind Kamiseta. And I’m the blogger. Right guys?
me, Tes, Monet, Gunn, Raymond, Eric and Rizette

Cyma’s menu

6/F Shangri-la Plaza Mall
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
telephone: 637-3090

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