Dessert at Bar Dolci

Bar Dolci macarons-3
My 3 young cousins, the J brothers,  invited me to dinner at Azuthai and I treated them to dessert at Bar Dolci.

They bought a coupon from Deal Grocer worth P2,000 for a complete Thai dinner for 4 at Azuthai. I didn’t take pictures anymore since the food was pretty much the same as what I featured here. There were about 6-7 dishes but the portions were just enough for 4 instead of their regular serving portions. It was really a good deal. We were all so full but still had room for dessert. So we headed to the popular Burgos Circle at The Fort where Bar Dolci was located.

Bar Dolci was my kind of bar. Instead of alcohol it sold gelato, macarons and other snacks.
Bar Dolci-1

Bar Dolci gelato
Bar Dolci gelato-2

Bar Dolci gelato-1

There was so many interesting flavors and I tried 7 of them from the green tea, ferrero, Thai tea, salted caramel, choco peanut, cappuccino and in the end it was the extra dark chocolate that floored me. It was really rich, dark and bitter chocolate that I’ve never found in any gelato in Manila. Most are too sweet or milky.
Bar Dolci-7

Bar Dolci's menu

Bar Dolci's menu-1

An innovation were alcoholic cocktail gelato popsicles. We tried the Tequila Rose, Chocolate Cointreau and Guinness Beer.
Bar Dolci cocktail gelato popsicles
cocktail gelato popsicles P130

Bar Dolci cocktail gelato popsicles-1

They served Conlins coffee which Jay said was pretty good. I’ve bought their coffee beans from the supermarket and am quite satisfied with the ones I’ve tried.
Bar Dolci-14

They also sold some savory snacks which I would have tried if I didn’t already have dinner. I wonder if the scones and Gruyere pouf were authentic.
Bar Dolci scones
scones – choice of basil & olives, bacon & cheese or caramelized onion P120

Bar Dolci Gruyere poufs
Gruyere poufs w/ marinara dip P150

Bar Dolci mushroom w/ garlic crumble
mushroom w/ garlic crumble P250

This is the password for their wifi. (unless they changed it already)
Bar Dolci-15

Bar Dolci chocolate dipped caramel polvoron
chocolate dipped caramel polvoron P70

I wish I bought some jellies since I love these kinds of sweets.
Bar Dolci jellies
fruit jellies 8 pcs P100

Bar Dolci macarons
macarons P50
Bar Dolci macarons-1

We bought all the flavors to try.
Bar Dolci macarons-2
buy 7 macarons and get 1 free

I told my cousin to get me a scoop of extra dark gelato and they could choose the two other flavors. I was surprised that they picked the white chocolate wasabi which was shocking to my taste buds. It was an acquired taste. The pistachio was a better choice. I loved, loved my extra dark chocolate gelato.
Bar Dolci's white chocolate wasabi & dark chocolate gelato
white chocolate wasabi & dark chocolate & 
pistachio gelato P200 for 3 scoops

I’m not a big fan of macarons but I’ve tried some really good ones and some mediocre. Bar Dolci’s macarons were quite disappointing. They all tasted the same. The flavors were very mild and the texture of the meringue wasn’t as crunchy and chewy as I liked.
Bar Dolci-22

The alcoholic gelato had very faint taste and aroma of the liqueurs used. I liked the push up container used. 
chocolate cointreau cocktail gelato popsicle
chocolate Cointreau cocktail gelato popsicle P130

chocolate cointreau cocktail gelato  popsicle - 1

Guinness beer cocktail gelato popsicle
Guinness beer cocktail gelato popsicle

Of all the things I tried at Bar Dolci I would go back for their gelato. I want to try their savory snacks too. I would skip the macarons though. Tomorrow I will tell you where you can order the best macarons you can buy in Manila.

Bar Dolci
F133 Forbeswood Heights 
Forbestown Road, Corner Burgos Circle, 
Bonifacio Global City
telephone: (632) 846-8245

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