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Gong Cha-7
Finally my favorite milk tea which I always drink in Hong Kong is finally here in Manila!

Gong Cha opens it’s first branch in the 1st floor of the Mall of Asia right next to Time Zone and near the bowling center.
Gong Cha Manila - Mall of Asia-6

Gong Cha Manila - Mall of Asia-5

This is the reason why Gong Cha’s milk tea tastes better than the others in my opinion. While other stores uses cream powder or plain milk for their teas, Gong Cha uses a special milk cream which floats on top of really strong, freshly brewed tea. The result is a creamy yet intense milk tea.
Gong Cha Manila - Mall of Asia-8

There are less variants here in Manila than in Hong Kong. Click here to see Hong Kong’s menu. Maybe in the future they will add more flavors and concoctions.
Gong Cha Manila - Mall of Asia-1
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I’m glad there are two sizes. I find the 500 ml size in Hong Kong to be too big and overwhelming. My favorite is the Gong Cha Milk Green Tea.
Gong Cha Manila - menu specialties

Gong Cha Manila - Mall of Asia-7

I hope they open a branch in Greenhills, Pasig or Makati so I don’t have to travel all the way to Manila for my milk tea fix.

Gong Cha Philippines on Facebook

Gong Cha Manila branches:

Gong Cha Mall of Asia
Store EM170 SM MOA Entertainment Complex

Glorietta 4, 3F Food Choices

SM North Edsa at the Sky Garden

SM Mega Mall Level 2 Atrium

opening soon: Robinson’s Place Manila 3F Midtown Level

20 thoughts on “Gong Cha Manila – Mall of Asia

  1. woweee u travelled all the way to MOA for Gong Cha!! but i want to try this!! its just soooo far!!


  2. If you’re in greenhills or Eastwood or makati then you can have Happy Lemon, it has more twists… Gong cha here tastes different compared to hkg gongcha


  3. Dear Wtravel,Thank you for your comment regarding our Gong Cha drinks. Please email me at contact@gongcha.ph which drink you think is different. We appreciate and value the opinions of all our clients.


  4. BAD SERVICE by Gong Cha SM North EDSA.I went there with my friend last night and the crew (there were three of them) were busy counting money as if to say “we alrdy earned enough for the day. We don’t need your money anymore”. THEY LITERALLY IGNORED US! We waited for TEN MINUTES until we decided to leave. Akala nila siguro wala kaming pambili ng Milk Tea nila. Anyway, Bubble Tea is just downstairs. They have better customer service AND better milk tea.


  5. More info:I was there between 630pm and 7pm. There were three of them. One tall guy, one short guy and one girl with red glasses. The girl was the one counting money. The other two were doing the orders. The girl was very rude.I hope they’d be able to do something about it. Sayang, many people think It’s the best Milk Tea house in the Philippines. Too bad we weren’t able to try. Kasi it’s not just about good food. More often than not, it’s the quality of service that makes you want to go back. Right?:)


  6. I got word of your complaint from Leslie. The girl with red glasses last day is actually this Sunday but because of this incident, I have decided to terminate her services effective immediately. The employee in question was already having problems with our management as she does not reflect the image of Gong Cha employees. Could you please PM me regarding the tall guy and short guy as to what they were doing when the girl was counting money. I also wish to know if they others are also as unreliable as the girl. You may PM me at contact@gongcha.ph. Thank you.


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