Chicharron ni Mang Juan

Jack n Jill's Mang Juan chicharron
Two years after Oishi came out with the popular vegetarian chicharon, Marty’s Cracklin’, Jack n’ Jill finally came out with their own version which I got to try while we were in Tagaytay last March.

There were two variants, espesyal suka’t sili (special vinegar with chili) and sukang paombong (palm vinegar).
Jack n Jill's Mang Juan chicharron-1
espesyal suka’t sili

This variant had a different vinegar flavor which was milder and wasn’t spicy at all.
Jack n Jill's Mang Juan chicharron-7
sukang paombong

Jack n Jill's Mang Juan chicharron-2

Jack n Jill's Mang Juan chicharron-3

Jack n Jill's Mang Juan chicharron-4

Of the two variants I liked the red one with special vinegar and chili more. The shape and texture was similar to Marty’s but there was a more intense vinegar flavor that packed a punch. I also liked the nice kick from the chili. It wasn’t too spicy, just right for me.

In my store I sell both Chicharron ni Mang Juan and Marty’s in all their variants. Each product has their own fans. Some think Marty’s salt and vinegar is too sour and prefer the plain salted while others look for a more sour veggie chicharon and buy Mang Juan’s suka’t sili. Marty’s recently came out with a spicy variant that burns my tongue. It’s so, so, spicy I can’t believe there are customers who love it. To each his own I guess.
Jack n Jill's Mang Juan chicharron-6

6 thoughts on “Chicharron ni Mang Juan

  1. Hi recently discovered Chicharron ni Mang Juan, I like it better than Marty’s.  Here is a link to the blog post I made


  2. very delicious…its better talaga sya sa marty’s … grabe ramdam mo talaga ung suka’t sili at un sukang paombong…grabe sarap talaga sa isang araw nakaka-tatlo ako un malalaki pa kasi nga ganun sya kasarap…un una kasi un husband ko ang bumili un sabi ko pa nga anu ba yan binili mo bka hindi masarap yan sagot nya skn masrap yan tikman mo muna, kya tinikman ko nman talaga pla ngsasabi sya ng totoo na talagang masarap….keep it up jack n jill sna maka-produce kau ulit ng products na magugustuhan ng sambayanan piilipino….good job…:)101% ang rate ko sa inyo…:)


  3. pls watch my chicharron ni mang juan parody i hope you like itclick here


  4. my video chicharron ni mang juan i hope you like it


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