Chef Philippe Breads

Chef Philippe Walnut Cream & Chocolate Party Bread
I love bread. All kinds of bread – soft, crusty, flaky, plain or filled, sweet or savory. I probably love bread more than rice. Gasp!

As much as I love bread I limit myself to the occasional wheat bread only. Bread is carbs and I don’t have much control when confronted with good bread.

One day my *evil* bff Rochelle gave me two long breads from Chef Philippe. I’ve known about their party breads for quite some time already but I never dared try them since I knew my weakness. So it was part apprehension and part “jump for joy” when I saw the breads on the kitchen table.
Chef Philippe Party Breads
Chef Philippe Party Breads

Party breads came in five varieties – 3 savory and 2 sweet. Rochelle knew me so well in choosing the walnut cream & chocolate bread.
Chef Philippe Party Breads-1

I was already drooling when I took these pictures. It was the quickest photo shoot ever.
Chef Philippe Walnut Cream & Chocolate Party Bread-1
Walnut, Cream & Chocolate Party Bread

Despite being filled with a generous amount of chocolate, the bread wasn’t too sweet. The brioche had a slightly chewy crust and soft interior. It was a really wonderful experience biting into chocolate, pieces of walnut and sweet vanilla cream. It was even better when toasted in the oven for a few minutes.
Chef Philippe Walnut Cream & Chocolate Party Bread-2

Chef Philippe Party Breads-2
Varieties of Party Breads (image from

The other bread was a classic cinnamon raisin bread.
Chef Philippe Raisin Bread
Raisin Bread

I’ve never been a big fan of raisin bread but this was pretty good too. Now I know that I don’t have to go to Baguio to buy raisin bread.
Chef Philippe Raisin Bread-1

Chef Philippe Raisin Bread-2
Premium Raisin Breads (image from

Both breads were good but my most favorite bread from Chef Philippe are their crusty rolls. These aren’t in their website and needs to be pre-ordered. I thank Deb for introducing me to the best rolls ever.
Chef Philippe crusty roll-1
Crusty Roll

The crusty roll is as big as a pan de sal. It just looks big in this picture which Rochelle took. The rolls aren’t fully baked and you have to finish baking them in a toaster oven. This made it taste like freshly baked bread. I usually store these rolls in the freezer and heat them in the oven straight from the freezer.

The roll is super crunchy in the outside just like a baguette and soft yet a bit dense in the inside. It’s perfect with simply butter and marmalade. A box of 12 white rolls cost P150 while the wheat variety which is equally good costs P180.
Chef Philippe crusty roll

I had left over roast beef from a party which cut into cubes and sauteed in lots of garlic, olive oil, pepper and a dash of liquid seasoning and used it as a hearty filling for the crusty roll. It was one of the best mini steak sandwiches I’ve ever had. It definitely beat anything I’ve eaten in a restaurant.
Chef Philippe's crusty roll w: cubed steak
Crusty roll filled w/ steak cubes

Since I’ve been on a diet for the past 6 weeks and haven’t eaten a single piece of bread this post made me yearn for bread. As soon as I reach my goal weight I’m buying a box of whole wheat crusty rolls to celebrate.

Chef Philippe on Facebook

Chef Philippe Comissary
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telephone: 556-7768, 232-9643,  0917-5847588

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  1. I love their mediterranean party bread!!! 😀 You should try it! It’s bursting with fresh savory flavors! 🙂


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