Spa Delmar at Mövenpick Hotel Mactan

To have the full Mövenpick Hotel experience Manny O suggested I try the massage at the hotel’s Spa Delmar. I took this picture of the beach and Ibiza Beach Club from the Spa using my iPhone’s panorama feature. I chose the lemongrass oil since I loved the smell whenever I encountered it in the hotel’s restroom.Continue reading “Spa Delmar at Mövenpick Hotel Mactan”

足足樂養身會館 Foot Massage, Taipei

We all wanted to get an authentic massage so we asked our hotel’s concierge where to go. He directed us to a place on this street but we went to this place which was cheaper. With my super minimal Chinese we managed to get a massage by pointing at the list below. I was soContinue reading “足足樂養身會館 Foot Massage, Taipei”

Best Massage at Wat Po

On our third day in Bangkok we went to Wat Po not to see the beautiful temples but to get the best massage ever. On the way to the massage center we couldn’t stop taking pictures. They really did a spectacular job with the renovation. Everything was so clean, shiny and sparkly. We finally foundContinue reading “Best Massage at Wat Po”